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Fitness bracelets for beginners - where to look and what to choose


The beach season is over, strong torsos are again hiding under T-shirts and sweaters, which means that the mantra "It's time to pump up for next summer" comes into force again. Time ahead - a wagon and a small cart, but will you be in time?

Let's be honest: you don't have time to play sports. And if you have time, there is no desire to spend an hour a day on training. You have already started training many times according to some secret program from the Internet, but each time you gave up this venture. You didn't have a mentor, and you didn't want to spend money on a trainer at the gym. And, again, you don't have time for a simulator ...

Recognized yourself? How accurate is this portrait? In any case, you need to change. Let's agree: from now on, you will not give up any training program. You will eat well and sleep well. You will move a lot. You will build the body of your dreams. And all this - with a caring and persistent assistant that will fit on your wrist.

This is a fitness bracelet. If you are a layman and do not distinguish Jawbone from Fitbit, and have not heard about sleep phases at all, this article is for you: in it we will teach you to choose fitness trackers wisely. And feeling.

What are fitness trackers


Fitness bracelets are electronics in taste and color, just like smartphones. There are budget solutions for 1000 rubles, and strong middle peasants from three thousand, and real high-tech monsters for ten to fifteen thousand. Everything is fair: the higher the price, the wider the functionality. If an amateur Xiaomi Mi Band for thirteen dollars can, perhaps, wake up in time and count the steps, then a serious Mio Fuse machine for a hundred bucks can measure a pulse and dive thirty meters under water without consequences.

However, you are unlikely to need such expensive bracelets at the beginning of your sports career. The best option would be a bracelet from two to five thousand rubles .

This is the average price of one session with a personal trainer in the gym, but for this money you will get an attentive assistant for many months and years. Now let's move on to the main thing - what to look for when choosing a bracelet?

The most important parameters of the bracelet


Pedometer (pedometer) - a sensor that counts your steps. It can be electromechanical and electronic. The first type of pedometer counts steps, capturing the vibration of the body when moving, so bracelets with electromechanics can throw you a couple of steps, even if you just wave your hand vigorously to someone. The electronic pedometer works much more accurately, as it measures steps using mathematical calculations.

The king of pedometer accuracy among fitness bracelets is Xiaomi Mi Band 3 . With it, you will not have any "free" steps for unnecessary movements - only accurate and honest data. Many more good words will be said about this company. Now let's move on.

Mount is the guarantor of the integrity and safety of your wrist assistant. There are many different types: strap-clasp (Sony SmartBand), strap-rivet (Xiaomi Mi Band) or just an elastic strap without a buckle (Jawbone UP24). The latter option, by the way, is not the most successful both in idea and implementation - a tracker without a fastener can easily fly off your hand during an intense workout.

But objectively the best mounting option is difficult to choose. Some people like rivets, but others do not, someone starts itching from the long rubbing of the bracelet on the skin, someone does not have such problems. In general, fastening is a subjective thing, everyone chooses it according to their tastes.

Smart Alarm is a function that makes sleep full and healthy. A good smart alarm clock is a quiet ninja that reminds of itself silently, only by vibration. An excellent smart alarm clock is a visionary bookkeeper who determines sleep phases by sleep time and wakes you up in an easy phase, when awakening is easiest and without headaches.

The best smart alarm clock is the alarm clock in Xiaomi products. The bracelets of this company, despite the low price, have always been famous for their silent and accurate alarm clock.

Battery life is a good old "battery". How long will the wrist assistant last without recharging? Bracelets "live" from five to twenty days - this range includes products from Xiaomi, Fitbit, Misfit and other mastodons of the fitness tracker market. The numbers are satisfying but not impressive.

Moov Now lasts the longest without recharging - six months of battery life! Unfortunately, the advantages of this bracelet end on a good battery: there is no smart alarm clock, no display. The manufacturer, however, promises crazy accuracy of the pedometer and other sensors, but giving four thousand for accuracy and battery is a dubious undertaking. It's better to take Mi Band 3 - it has more functionality and a lower price.

Synchronization - the ability of the bracelet to interact with other gadgets. For example, with a smartphone. This interaction starts from the usual compatibility of the bracelet with a mobile application, to unlocking the phone and receiving phone notifications via the tracker. Interaction capabilities are closely related to the bracelet screen: it is unlikely that the tracker without a display will take a call or show the time.

Drum roll ... Xiaomi Mi Band 3 becomes the most sociable among bracelets - it unlocks the smartphone, sends statistics to the application, and receives a message on VKontakte.


If you are just starting your journey into the world of a healthy and active life, a fitness bracelet will become your guide who will help, remind, prompt and write down. Sleep and activity monitoring, an accurate pedometer, detailed statistics and convenient "communication" of the bracelet with a smartphone - this is what you need for comfortable and warm cooperation with your friend on the wrist. Take another look at these parameters.


Your choice is Xiaomi Mi Band 3. An accurate pedometer, excellent synchronization to a mobile phone and a truly "smart" alarm clock - all this with a good battery and at a low price: from two thousand rubles. Feel free to go to the nearest hardware store or choose a bracelet on the Internet. Enjoy a healthy life with the wrist fitness assistant.

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Author: Jake Pinkman