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How to learn English? The easiest and most efficient way


Today, almost everyone knows that learning English opens the door to a world of amazing possibilities.

To a world in which you can read your favorite books in the original, build a career in an international company, or just travel and easily talk with residents of any country. English is an international language, and that's it.

Okay, you probably know this yourself well and strive to learn English. But several questions arise at once: how long will the training take, how much will it cost, who to contact? Don't worry, everything is much simpler than it might seem, the most important thing is to decide for what purposes you want to master a foreign language, have a certain margin of inner strength, fight laziness and find time for regular training. Remember - there are no miracles, but there are proven ways to make learning as effective and interesting as possible.

Where to start?

The most obvious option is to go to a tutor. In almost every city you can find half a dozen English language schools offering both individual and group lessons. Group groups are distinguished by a low price, but a minimum of attention is paid to each student individually, the teacher simply cannot physically communicate with each student for the proper amount of time, and it is not always convenient to adjust to the group schedule. Individual ones are more efficient, but another problem arises here - the high price.


There is another option - to study independently, at any convenient time, free of charge or with minimal financial investment. For example, on the popular English learning service Puzzle English , which has an audience of more than 5 million people. If you think that learning from a tutor will be more effective, then you should be upset, this is a myth.

Anyone, even the most titled teacher, cannot be guaranteed to make you master a foreign language. This requires only your desire, well, and a set of effective tools that will turn mournful lessons into a fun pastime.

For ten years at school I could not learn English, and even more so on my own

If you have such thoughts, then there is nothing strange about it. The standard educational system does not aim to make you a polyglot, but simply tries to fulfill the plan. The teacher is of great importance here - if he is interested, sometimes lessons can be conducted in an entertaining manner.

But more often than not, these are primitive activities, where over and over again you need to memorize a dozen words and fill up all the notebooks by repeating the same grammar rules. Puzzle English offers a different approach: to make learning interesting, inspiring, so that you do not lose the desire to return to lessons.

Another point where you might not be successful in learning English while sitting at your school desk is compulsory learning .

Information was provided in general terms about all aspects of a foreign language. But, for example, why do you need a written grammar if you only want to understand English by ear, watch movies and communicate with foreigners live? That's it, it's better to initially understand why you need knowledge of the language and not waste time on third-party tasks.

Focus on the essentials and get rid of the routine

As we have already said, the main thing is to decide for what purpose you want to master the English language and consciously choose exercises for teaching it. Here again Puzzle English will help, which stands out among similar services with the largest number of various types of training.


For example, how about making your favorite activity not only enjoyable, but also useful: watch your favorite movies, TV shows in the original and listen to songs, while learning new words in Puzzle English , thanks to the huge and a constantly updated archive of media files, offers this opportunity.

Of course, you can always try to find films in the original translation yourself, but sometimes it is difficult to find versions with subtitles, and writing out unfamiliar expressions and words takes too much time. In Puzzle English, you can select a word in subtitles and immediately see its translation .

If you need to improve other basic English skills, such as speaking, grammar, or simply to increase your vocabulary in a wide variety of topics, then there are 14 exercises to choose from. There are three categories in total: Activities , Games and Words , in which the difficulty of the exercises is adjusted from beginner to advanced.

And another advantage of Puzzle English - courses that offer comprehensive language learning on two popular topics: " Travel " and " Business ". This way, regardless of your study goals, you can improve your level of English from the frivolous " Beginner " to the coveted " Proficiency ".

Just do not forget that without your desire and at least minimal effort, knowledge of English will remain an infinitely distant dream.

Consistency is the key to success

Before you start training, it is worth recalling that only constant practice can give a visible result already in the first month of training. It doesn't matter how much time you spend - an hour, half an hour or five minutes. The main thing is to practice systematically, gradually developing a habit. For these purposes, you can create both an independent class schedule or use the " Personal Plan " function of the Puzzle English service. Regular reminders and a progress bar will help you stay on top of your progress and remember to spend time exercising.

If you went on vacation, a business trip, or you just have a busy day at work, then this is also not a reason to stop training. Agree, on any day you can find 5 minutes to review the material covered. But what if you can't access your computer? In this case, you can always download the Puzzle English application to your smartphone and continue your lesson at any time and in any environment.

And most importantly - remember that there is no such thing as “a person incapable of learning languages”, this is another delusion. Of course, some people may find it easier to learn languages, but with constant practice, the result will not be long in coming anyway.

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Author: Jake Pinkman