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Top 5 IT Professions You Can Master While Lying On The Sofa

Over the past 10 years, the world has changed so much that "boring bespectacled people who sit endlessly at computers" have started to make colossal money.

Today, everyone who is even slightly connected with the computer sphere has a good income and stability. Every day more and more people decide to change their profile and start working in this area of ??business. Surprisingly, despite the increase in the number of it-specialists, the demand for them is not falling.

This can be partly explained by the fact that the development of computer technology is growing rapidly, and therefore the number of personnel must be replenished. From all this, we can conclude that the it profession has been popular for the past five years, and will remain so for more than a dozen years.

Therefore, it is never too late to master at least one of them, especially since this can be done right without leaving home. It will take, of course, a little effort, willpower and free time.

Not moved, but promoted

Seo specialist

It's scary to even imagine how many new sites appear on the Internet every day. The competition between sites is enormous, so most of them are not enough just to be created.

In addition, the site still requires promotion, that is, promotion. This is a simple task, feasible for any person who knows the basics of SEO optimization. There are a lot of resources on the Internet that make it possible to study ways to promote sites yourself.

This can be done within a couple of months, subject to active self-education. You can, of course, go to study this for money. But for those who don't want to “pay nowhere”, there are hundreds of free resources. The main thing is just not to lose motivation!

Public opinion

SMM specialist

One of the most active types of advertising today is advertising on social networks. I mean not just a one-time short post about a service or product, but daily, scrupulous, purposeful work.

Over the past few years, even an independent profession has appeared to perform this work - an SMM manager. This specialist is well aware of the specifics of each social network. He must “feel” the audience well and be able to unobtrusively “promote” the site or products through the social network.

The work is simple, quite creative and not boring. And most importantly, there are a lot of sources on the Internet where you can get the necessary skills to complete it.

Driving creativity


An attractive, beautiful site is an important component of the success of any business. In the field of it-technologies, for those who are engaged in website design, they have even given a special niche, and in universities this craft has been taught for 5 years. But you can learn web design on your own, relying on the relevant literature and master classes.

In this case, the most difficult task is to get yourself a resume. Customers want to see examples of work, not just promises to "make a beautiful, stylish site." However, you can begin to “fill your hand” even in the learning process, completing orders for a symbolic award.

Create and Release


One of the most promising and lucrative it professions is website development. In this case, a lot of knowledge and effort will be required, but they will all pay off with interest. Those who want to learn how to create websites have free access to relevant literature and all kinds of training programs. Anyone can learn to develop, but it will take a lot of effort and time.

Well, those who are ready to overcome all these difficulties will receive a generous reward in the form of a good and stable income. In this case, it is important to understand that website development is not easy.

Perhaps the training will take not a single month. Therefore, this option is not suitable for those who want to master the IT profession in a short time.

Education is always "in trend"

Training Specialist

A great way to make money is to teach others all kinds of it professions. Of course, it would be ideal to first master all the necessary material yourself, structure it correctly and be able to give it to students in an exciting way. But in reality, you can share knowledge in the process of your own learning. The biggest problem in this case is competition in this area. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of training courses and master classes. Beginners in this area can succeed in two ways: a stunning presentation of the material or a very affordable price for the entire course.

You can now organize the learning process without even leaving your home, for example, using numerous webinar portals, a text blog or a page on social networks.

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