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Image Studio Mucho Mas Media decided to tell the audience an amazing success story of the professional dog handler Cesar Millana . As it became known to the edition Deadline , a young New York film company has begun work on the tape " The Dog Whisperer " * ( The Dog Whisperer ).

Millana spent his childhood and youth in Mexico. From an early age, Cesar learned to easily find a common language with dogs, thanks to which the nickname “ Psar ” ( El Perrero ) was assigned to him. When Millan turned 21, he was determined to conquer America. Cesar did not have a penny in his pocket and did not know English at all, but nevertheless he plucked up his courage and illegally crossed the Mexican-American border ...

America did not welcome the guy very well. During the day he worked in a small grooming salon, and in the evenings he was forced to earn money as a limousine driver. It was night work that helped Cesar make very useful acquaintances. One of his clients was Hollywood actress Jada Pinkett Smith, who helped Millan find an English tutor. Having learned the language, Cesar decided to try to create his own business. Soon after, the Mexican opened in Los Angeles a Center for Canine Psychology , which specialized in working with large breeds of dogs. In 2002, Cesar gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times , after which he was contacted by representatives of the National Geographic television network.

The screenplay for the film about the life of Millan will be written by Puerto Rican Jose Rivera , who was nominated for an " Oscar " in 2005 for his work on the plot of the biographical drama "Che Guevara: The Motorcycle Diaries.

* - preliminary translation.

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