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Experts have found strange reason for iPhone battery loss


One of the reasons why the iPhone battery may be losing power at an accelerated rate has been identified. It was opened by the MyDrivers portal, and it lies in the peculiarities of iOS work with background programs. The special algorithms of the iOS system cause a loss of battery power due to such applications. With their frequent unloading from RAM in the multitasking menu, the battery starts to drain faster.

The iOS mobile platform is designed for multitasking and can support multiple concurrent programs. Each of them can be active, provided that the background refresh feature is enabled. If you turn it off, background applications will remain active for several minutes, and then "fall asleep", that is, they will not waste system resources, and the iPhone battery will no longer lose charge. At the same time, such programs will still remain in RAM.

Applications can be turned off completely. To do this, you will have to use the multitasking menu, which, according to the experts of the portal, will lead in the future to an accelerated discharge of the battery of the Apple smartphone. At the next launch, the unloaded program will begin to be activated not from the background, which would take less time, but from scratch. This process will consume more processor resources, which ultimately will naturally lead to more intensive power consumption and wasting battery power.


Apple has not yet given an official comment on why the features of iOS and the battery of the iPhone were dependent on each other. Several years ago, a number of news outlets approached Apple with a similar question about the relationship between battery power and background program unloading. This happened in 2016, and at that time the top management of the company replied that the launch of background applications does not affect the battery life of the iPhone. Thus, the corporation did not recognize the existence of such a relationship. At the same time, there is no information in the official Apple technical support blog that calls for constantly clearing the background space of unnecessary programs. Instead, it recommends doing this only when an application freezes or stops working normally.

One of the reasons why the battery of an iPhone or other mobile device begins to lose energy at an accelerated rate is associated with the technical condition of the battery, that is, with the wear and tear of its components. Most often this happens due to a long time of using the gadget, when the number of regular charge-discharge cycles approaches large values. In the case of Apple technology, the reason may also be due to software problems. For example, in 2019, due to errors in updates of the iPadOS and iOS platforms, devices based on them lost about 2/3 of the charge within a couple of hours. It soon became a mass phenomenon, although Apple developers quickly fixed everything in subsequent updates.

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