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Battery Mode - compact battery indicator


In Windows 10, the developers of the software platform have implemented a lot of improved power management tools for controlled laptops, but alternative applications will still be more functional. All opponents of integrated tools will benefit from the free Battery Mode utility.

What is Battery Mode?

In general, Battery Mode is considered a universal battery indicator, equipped with automatic (scheduled) and manual power management of the active computer. The product is extremely easy to learn and configure, and therefore is designed even for multiple users.

What does it do?

Using Battery Mode, you can control the charge level through the icon on the taskbar, whose indicator color fixes the current battery charge or a specific power scheme. The utility allows switching between the main power supply schemes (with the mouse or with the optional " hot" keys ). You can also safely change the brightness of the display through the built-in slider, or, conversely, save its parameters, and the brightness will not change when connected to the docking station and the network. In addition, from the displayed softbar, you can immediately turn off the display or the entire computer, move to the menu of special options for system deployment, visit the section " Power ", or get detailed information about the battery using the editable link below.

reduce battery power

The integrated scheduler is used to activate the required power scheme, download applications or show notifications when user events occur and the conditions themselves are met. In particular, Battery Mode is able to turn on an efficient power scheme and signal a low battery charge, but it will do this exclusively with an open laptop cover, an active display, and only if a suitable scheme is not yet applied.

The data from the battery health diagnostic tool can then be transferred to a text file. Program settings and functions are invoked in the context menu via the tray icon and are easily operated with the mouse.

How to download Battery Mode

USA-language Battery Mode is offered for free, without third-party payments and ads. You can use the solution from all kinds of current Windows computers.

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