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How to quickly charge your phone?


There are urgent things to do, and the battery charge is only 5-6 percent - a very common situation. The phone, as luck would have it, sits down exactly when you need to immediately leave the house.

It is not always possible to charge it on time, and the charging process can be very long. Fortunately, there are a few hacks you can use to recharge your battery faster.

Air mode

The easiest way to speed up charging is to switch your phone to airplane mode. In this case, you will lose all communication: cellular, Bluetooth, radio, Wi-Fi, GPS, you will not be able to receive SMS and use a number of applications. These connections consume a lot of power in the background, and without them charging will go faster. Alternatively, you can completely disable the device, which is even more effective.

Socket vs USB

It's convenient to charge your phone via the USB port of a PC or laptop, but a charger that works from a wall outlet has a higher amperage than a USB cable. Therefore, it will recharge the battery faster. At the same time, the original charger (the one that came with the purchase of a smartphone) will cope with the task better than a cheap imitation.

Be careful: chargers from third-party manufacturers often cause short circuits, which can damage your mobile device (and sometimes fire). Discard them in favor of the original.

If you regularly connect your phone to your computer for charging, consider purchasing a dedicated cable that has one microUSB connector on one side and two standard USB connectors on the other. This way you can charge your smartphone by powering it from two ports at the same time.

Quick Charge

You're in luck if your phone supports Quick Charge 2.0 / 3.0 / 4 + , Dash Charge , Pump Express or similar. When using a special charger or a docking station, the charging speed will increase by about 1.5 times: in about half an hour, the smartphone's battery will replenish up to 50%. A full charge can be achieved in about an hour and a half, depending on technology.

Charger case

If your life is a constant movement, it makes sense to purchase a power bank. Samsung and iPhone users have another option - a battery case. It costs around $ 100 and looks about the same as a regular protective case. Inside it has a 2000-3000 mAh battery .

One press of a button - and you get + 60% battery life. Such a case can be worn all the time; it charges together with the phone. True, it slightly increases the dimensions, but you can get used to it. In addition to recharging, it will reliably protect your phone in the event of a fall.

And finally

The lithium-ion battery of a smartphone has no memory effect, it should be put on charge, without waiting for it to be discharged to zero (optimal when the charge remains 10-15%). Otherwise, its service life will be greatly reduced. However, it must be fully discharged every 3 months to calibrate the charge flags.

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