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AI will replace humans in 5 years


According to researchers, by 2022, the need for highly qualified employees will decrease in some key areas of human activity. Analysts at the consulting company Gartner include medicine, information technology, law, finance and insurance on this list.

Programs will replace specialists

Software for interacting with artificial intelligence will be able to replace the work of doctors, lawyers and IT specialists. The Gartner report says that within 5 years, AI will be able to successfully develop financial management strategies, manage IT infrastructure or business processes.


The level of development of artificial intelligence will lead to the fact that enterprises in the field of highly profitable manufacturing will simply pay to use applications instead of hiring highly paid specialists. It will be similar to how they pay for the electricity used in the production.

AI will change the insurance industry and customer service

The insurance industry will be the starting point for artificial intelligence. Loan insurance and changes in insurance conditions will be fully automated and robots will replace humans.


We can already give examples of such a replacement: the Japanese insurance company Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance will use special software to process and read medical records of its clients.

As a result, about 30 employees will be replaced by computers. The software will be able to accurately determine the amount of insurance payments and their need. However, the company's management still reserves the right for people to make conclusions about the payment of insurance.

Finance & Business

Artificial intelligence is already proving its ability to develop complex financing schemes at SEB (Sweden). It uses cognitive technologies to work with clients that can make financial decisions in a matter of seconds.


The robot can read a 300-page document in 30 seconds, understands the semantic structure of the Swedish language and constantly learns by observing the work of human employees with clients.

Information storage problem

Tatyana Bocharnikova, the head of the USA branch of NetApp, considers such changes to be a normal process that continues throughout the history of human development: manual labor is replaced by mechanical actions.


The growth in the amount of data that will be processed by AI necessitates an inexpensive, convenient and, most importantly, secure storage. NetApp is already building storage solutions that work with artificial intelligence.

An example is the existing NetApp Data Fabric solution, which gives customers complete control over their information and peace of mind about its security. The solution can be customized to the current legal regulations of any state regarding the storage of personal data.

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Author: Jake Pinkman