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Can a neural network suffer from psychological problems?


According to the AndroidHeadlines resource, according to one of the world's leading neuroscientists, Zachary Mainen, there is a possibility that in the future artificial intelligence programs will be subject to something like neurological and mental failures, like those experienced by humans ... This will happen when the level of artificial intelligence approaches the human.

Electronic brain

The human brain works under the influence of a huge number of variables. The slightest changes in its chemical composition can cause migraines, depression, hallucinations and other unpleasant phenomena. In much the same way, the growing code of neural networks is influenced by internal processes.


Mainen says his claim mainly comes from the field of research related to computational psychiatry. Its specialists simulate for AI programs the conditions in which a real person may find himself - various life situations, moral dilemmas, etc. While such tests do not have generally accepted standards, and their results cannot be taken into account by neural network programmers. However, the methods of computational psychiatry can have a big impact on the entire AI industry.

Depression for Neurosti

As Professor Mainen explains, one of the key neurotransmitters in the human body is serotonin. Its deficiency causes a depressive state, and an excess of it causes hallucinations.

Serotonin is an active substance that evokes positive emotions and plays a huge role in the formation of habits, addictions and behavior. Another important element of the brain's reward system is dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for attention, motivation, and sex drive.


Of course, there are no biologically active substances in a neural network of artificial origin, but it has its own algorithms for supporting correct decisions. And they act like serotonin and dopamine: they reward the program for doing the right thing and "scold" it for doing it wrong.

Doesn't sound very believable

At first glance, Zachary Mainen's assertion sounds dubious. However, there is some truth in it. Biological neurotransmitters act in a way similar to scripts. If these scripts are used inappropriately, the way the data is processed, the approach, the expected result and other factors will affect the perception of the situation by the neural network. They are the ones who can lead to failures.

At the moment, scientists already have all the necessary tools to create artificial intelligence that operates on the principles of the human brain. His training is an incredibly long process, which includes the collection and processing of information, as well as constant training.

Perhaps in the future the world will also need such specialists who are able to diagnose psychological problems in neural networks and "treat" electronic patients.

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Author: Jake Pinkman