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Top 10 Horror Games 2020


Horror games are currently on their second rise. Thanks to projects such as Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2: Remake and Blair Witch, we can again say that they are at their peak. If you're looking forward to the new horror games of 2020, we've put together a selection of the 10 best horror games you shouldn't miss next year.


This horror will try to first of all hook us with the possibility of survival. Either alone or with other stalkers, you must explore the destroyed remains of Chernobyl and try to figure out what happened to your loved one, whom you lost to this missing place.

Combining elements of horror and survival, the game has already received accolades in Steam's Early Access. The release is scheduled for next year.

9.Remothered: Broken Porcelain

This is the sequel to the horror horror Remothered: Tormented Fathers subtitled Broken Porcelain. According to the authors of the game, the sequel should open us a new look at the characters of the game and the plot. The gameplay will be tied to thoughtful survival. The player will have to think about when to sneak, when to run, and when to engage. In the story, we will be hiding in the Ashmann hotel from some powerful hunters.

Broken Porcelain promises an emphasis on psychological horror, intense stealth, riddles and real-time animated cut-scenes. Developers describe their offspring with the phrase "realistic survival horror".


Visage is the spiritual successor of PT Kojima, which resembles a mixture of the most playable teaser and Layers of Fear. We explore a mysterious mansion that is transforming. In this house, its inhabitants constantly killed each other. Each room of the large house contains its own story of death, which you need to explore, reliving the moments of death. The developers say they are trying to make you jealous of the dead.

The game, as in the previous case, is in early access on Steam, has positive reviews and constant content updates. Hope to see the full game next year.

7.World Of Horror

“The Old Gods have awakened and are returning back to the world, filling it with a mysterious madness. In a small seaside town in Japan, locals are slowly going crazy, and otherworldly, grotesque creatures terrorize those who call this place home. The end of the world is coming in World Of Horror, and the only solution is to confront the terror, "- says the description of this game.

It features non-linear stories of five characters trying to survive this chaos. The game offers us turn-based combat, solving puzzles, and sacrificing sanity. The emphasis will be on exploring the city and finding items that will help both in combat and in solving problems.

The developers call their game a love letter to the works of Junji Ito and Howard Lovecraft.

6.Secret 1 & 2

If you're wondering what Frictional has been doing since the excellent SOMA, they're developing two games we don't know about yet. We have no details at all, except for a couple of pictures on the developers' twitter. Hell, it might not be horror at all. But we hope.


No matter what awaits us, whenever Frictional releases a new game, it becomes an example of how good games should be made.


Devotion is not as easy as it is with other games on this list. The game was already out, but then it was removed by the developers. And it's all about negative reviews from China. At its launch on Steam, the game was praised for its atmosphere and masterful horror game. Metro even named it the second Silent Hill. However, things turned bad when Chinese players discovered in the game an insult to Chinese leader Xi Jinping and comparing him to Winnie the Pooh.

Xi Jinping Winnie-the-Pooh moron can be found on one of the posters in the game. And drawing such parallels in China is strictly prohibited. As a result, Chinese players downgraded the game immediately after the release. And the developers removed it from Steam under the pretext that they would fix such offensive jokes, as well as fix bugs.

Let's hope they finish next year and players can return to this game.


Madmind Studio's Agony is drowned in ambition. The game was not liked by either the players or the gambler. The case was not helped by their hellish update, in which they inserted even more juicy moments.

However, chances are high that their next hellish project, Succubus, will be several times better. In the role of the Succubus from Agony, we travel to new hellish lands to deal with the powerful Baphomet and his army of the dead.

The game is very brutal and not for the faint of heart, but the gameplay footage shows that it is quite good and worthy of waiting.


The second project from the same Madmind Studio and also quite ambitious. The game tells the story of Patrick Kalman, who for many years lived in an apartment inherited from his deceased parents.

A long-term family tragedy forced Patrick to struggle with addictions and mental problems. The only surviving member of Patrick's family was his sister, who disappeared 13 years ago. One day Patrick answers a call from the same missing sister. We will have to try to cope with our fears and sort out past family problems.


It feels like we've been talking about Scorn for years, especially when it comes to new horror lists. Often she stood in them together with the already mentioned Agony, and in the atmosphere of decline they were close. While Agony came out and took a slap in the face of gamers, Ebb Software has been slow to release Scorn and keep updating it.

However, based only on the crumbs of gameplay we've seen, the game may already be one of the most disturbing projects of recent times.

1.Resident Evil 3 Remake

But in the case of Resident Evil 3 Remake, we know for sure that it will be released next year. It can be characterized as follows: the game will be harder, cooler and more enchanting than the second part. We were promised that Nemesis would prove to be a tough adversary and much more powerful than Mr. X, who drove around Leon Kenedy's Raccoon City Police Station.

And as it turned out, the previously announced Project Resistance turned out to be a multiplayer Resident Evil 3. Taking inspiration from Dead By Daylight, Resident Evil Resistance [this is what the game is now called] is a multiplayer mode for four people in which we must confront the creatures of the Umbrella corporation by the will of the mad scientist.

Bonus: Silent Hills or Kojima's personal project

And finally, we want to talk about Silent Hills. The fact is that not so long ago a theory appeared on Reddit that Konami decided to reduce their pride, and are already negotiating with Kojima Production to resume development of Silent Hills. And if this crazy theory is to be believed, they have already agreed on the terms that Kojima's studio is fully engaged in development and is not limited in creative freedom. Konami, as licensees, reserves the right to make adjustments and select an actor for the lead role.


Oil on the fire is added by the fact that not so long ago, Hideo posted on his Twitter entry that he was going to watch the Thai horror film "Eyes", which he was inspired by during the creation of PT, but could not watch it in the first view. This time, he will try to do this to quote: "open up your darkest depths, and create the scariest game in the industry." This may hint, both at the reliability of the theory from Reddit, and at the fact that Kojima himself is making a new horror.

Even if one of these theories is true, most likely we will not see the game among the horror games of 2020. However, the very information about the new project, in which the genius is involved, warms my soul.

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Author: Jake Pinkman