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Survival in Hell: Polish Horror Agony to Debut at the End of May


PlayWay has decided on an exact release date for the Agony game. Polish survival horror from the debuting team Madmind Studio will be released on May 29 on PC and Xbox One / PlayStation 4. The developers have already started feeding gamers: a new trailer and some screenshots were recently shown.

The upcoming release is the finale of Agony's almost two-year wait. After three postponements, Madmind Studios in Bydgoszcz have announced the final release date for this intriguing survival horror game.

By the way, we already wrote about Agony , but then the game was postponed and we thought it was YY


Agony - what is it anyway?

We first heard about Agony in early 2015. A year later, a full-fledged announcement of the debut project of the Polish studio followed, and the fans quickly began to fuss. Well, who is not interested in the very fact that the action takes place in real hell? This concept is interesting in itself, and the materials that appeared on the network showed that the authors of the novelty do not have sophisticated imagination.

Censorship as it is

The creators went so far that they had to ... censor their product. As it turned out, the original version of Agony was so shocking that the American ESRB categorized the game as an "Adults Only" game, which would have made it impossible to release it on consoles. Fortunately, Madmind promised: the changes will be minimal and the game will not become "software". Anyway, they can be congratulated - the versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been certified, so nothing threatens the premiere.

Learn Agony better before buying

Of course, it is too early to judge the success of Agony. Multiple release date delays are hardly cause for concern; another fact raises questions - that this is the first product of the studio (although it employs industry veterans - team members took part in the development of hits such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Tom Clancy's The Division).

Agony 2

If you still have any doubts about Agony, we recommend checking out the game on Kickstarter , where the creators recently answered the most frequently asked questions (in English, of course).

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