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Three Death Stranding Trailers, Sony Acquires Insomniac Games And More - Special Digest from Gamescom 2019. Part One


Let's also talk about other most interesting announcements from the exhibition

Three New Death Stranding Trailers

Gamescom 2019 has finally arrived and what we have been waiting for so long for - new details from the Death Stranding trailers. Kojima pleased us with three videos at once. One of them is even gameplayable.

In the first video, we are introduced to the character of Margaret Qualley - Mom. She is a kind of mechanic who helps Sam. She also has an invisible child born in another world. He is still connected to his mother by the umbilical cord.

In the second video, we are introduced a little closer to the character whose appearance was presented by Guillermo del Toro - the Dead Man. He finally revealed to us the details about the child in the capsule. It turns out that his mother has died, so he is connected with the world of the dead and can see otherworldly beings. The dead man tries to explain to Sam that such children are a tool in his work, and should not be attached to them. Kojima stated that in the game the bond between the child and Sam will grow anyway.

In the gameplay video, we saw several new features, one of which is truly revolutionary. We can urinate anywhere, and if we do it long enough, the quote "something interesting" will happen. For example, a mushroom will grow on the ground, as it was in the gameplay, and you can interact with it.

The second interesting mechanic is that if we somehow scare a child, for example, fall off a cliff, then we will need to calm him down by shaking the controller. The dualshock 4 gyroscope will be responsible for this.

Sony acquired Insomniac Games

The studio that gave us Sunset Overdrive and Marvel's Spider Man is now coming under the wing of the PlayStation giant. The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

Most likely, the company has taken a closer look at the studio after the phenomenal success of their latest Spider-Man game. Insomniac Games will now become the company's 14th game division. The studio management will remain unchanged.

In a tweet, Sony also recalled that Marvel's Spider Man has sold 13.2 million copies of the game.


Remothered: Broken Porcelain game where the cunning survives

Didn't forget to check out Gamescom 2019 for the sequel to the horror horror Remothered: Tormented Fathers, subtitled Broken Porcelain. According to the authors of the game, the sequel should breathe new life into the gameplay, plot and characters.


Gameplay will be tied to thoughtful survival. The player will have to think about when to sneak, when to run, and when to engage. In the story, we will be hiding in the Ashmann hotel from some powerful hunters.

Speaking of the plot. Broken Porcelain promises to focus on psychological horror, intense stealth, riddles and real-time animated cut-scenes. Developers describe their offspring with the phrase "realistic survival horror".

Disintegration - an unusual shooter from one of the Halo fathers

Why is it unusual? Since this is not just a shooter, but with tactical elements. This is how V1 Interactive, headed by the former art director of Halo, are positioning their creation.

You will fly on a gravity bike and shoot at enemies. At this time, armed detachments are running along the ground, which you will control. Each unit has its own unique abilities.

According to the plot of the game, humanity has almost died out from various diseases and disasters. Scientists massively began to transfer the consciousness of people into a mechanical shell and called this operation "Integration". It was planned that this is a temporary measure, but there were also those who are against such a situation.

A conflict began between opponents and supporters of integration, which grew into a large-scale confrontation. We play for those who want to return to the bag of bones. The game will feature both single player and multiplayer.

The game will be released next year on Xone, PS4 and PC

Like Friday 13th, but with Predator - Predator: Hunting Grounds gameplay

At Gamescom 2019, we were shown the gameplay of Predator: Hunting Grounds, an asymmetric multiplayer action game about the Predator.

One side is the gamer-controlled operatives, they have to fight the bad guys controlled by the AI. The third party to the conflict will be a loner who controls the Predator. He will have to scatter the brave soldiers.

The game will be released as a Playstation 4 exclusive in 2020.

We are uncertainly conquering space - the announcement of the space simulator Kerbal Space Program 2

Also at the exhibition there was an announcement of Ilona Mask's simulator with paws - Kerbal Space Program 2.

The developers claim that they have fundamentally reworked all the features from scratch, but kept them. Everything in order to meet modern trends in space exploration. From the improvements we get: animated tutorials, an improved interface, and more detailed instructions for assembling ships to make it easier for beginners to get used to the game.

A new generation of rocketry elements will allow you to create puzzles that open up new possibilities in order to surf and explore space.

Of the innovations, it is worth highlighting the colonies. We will have to constantly solve various problems on them in order to further develop in the space research industry.

The game will be released next 2020 on Xone, PS4 and PC

Need For Speed Heat Gameplay

In a new gameplay trailer for Need For Speed Heat, EA showed us the specifics of their new race.

The game will have two modes that change the gameplay. During the day, the player calmly participates in legal races and earns as a racing driver [the cops will not bother you too much]. But with the coming of night, when everything is covered with darkness, you participate in illegal competitions, and the police will happily chase you.

An addition to the game will be a mobile application with a collection of cars from the Heat Studio game. You can also decorate cars and add your own decorative pieces. It is already available for download on Google Play.

That was all the big news at the end of the week. Stay tuned.

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