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New Resident Evil will be scary

Image A couple of years ago, Constantin Film studio decided to reboot the film series "Resident Evil". At the end of last year, horror master Johannes Roberts joined the work on the new adaptation of the Resident Evil game franchise. Today, the director finally shared the details of the intriguing project.

The premiere of the first Hollywood movie based on Resident Evil took place in 2002. The franchise lasted 15 years under the auspices of writer and director Paul W.S. Anderson. During this time, six films were released, which grossed a record $ 1.2 billion for video game adaptations. Despite the commercial success, critics never liked the film series. Moreover, many gamers were unhappy with Anderson's films, who believed that the director was wrong to bet on action and not horror.

Shortly after Roberts's appointment, it was reported on the Web that Constantin Film wanted to continue making Anderson-style films. Now Johannes made it clear that the studio's management had changed their minds and listened to the words of screenwriter Greg Russo, who suggested changing the vector of the project's development towards the usual survival horror genre for the game series.


The painting is under active development,- said Roberts. -A truly scary sight awaits the audience. I can't reveal all the secrets, but we definitely plan on bringing Resident Evil back. to her horror roots".

The start date for filming the horror film has not yet been announced.

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