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More details about Atomic Heart and Marvel's Avengers, EGS achievements - game news digest # 5.07. Part two


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New details about Atomic Heart

Last week, Mundfish responded to some fan questions regarding their upcoming game Atomic Heart. The second and final batch of answers arrived this week as well.

  • The game will not be able to go through stealth, but the authors mention that it is not always profitable to make noise, as reinforcements may come running on loud sounds.
  • In many ways, the developers praise the combat system, which is great fun.
  • Opponents themselves drop parts needed for crafting. The more you hit the robots, the more they break, reducing the number of usable parts. But this does not mean that it is profitable to play the game using stealth. In addition, crafting materials can be found all over the world.
  • Testers describe the game as an immersive-sim with a mixture of shooter and melee fighting.
  • The setting of the game contains many real historical events, but the authors have mixed them together.
  • In the arsenal of the player, 10 units of firearms and the same number of cold weapons are foreseen. Pole arms are still in question. With cannons, you can pump accuracy, power and damage power. There will be no problems with cartridges and their shortage.


  • Side quests are present in the game, but they are few. More often we will come across puzzles, and the authors assure that they will make us sweat.
  • There are no pumping levels. Instead, we will have a study of skills related to mechanics.
  • There will be many Easter eggs.
  • Condensed milk will be delivered to Atomic Heart.
  • Some robots can be pitted against each other.
  • The game has two difficulties. The first level is comparable to soul-like projects. It was on the games of this genre that the authors focused on creating balance. They compare the second level of difficulty with Bioshock.

Hawkeye and Beta Content: Marvel's Avengers July Show

Crystal Dynamics held the second Marvel's Avengers gameplay show. In it, they talked about the content that will be available during the closed beta test in August, and how the game will develop after release. So, the developer confirmed that we will have a separate storyline campaign for Hawkeye.

Beta Test Details and Content

The test version of the game contains five zones, which differ in their variety and show the main features of the game, including locations and destructible environments. The test will begin with the mission at the Golden Gate, which we were shown earlier. On it, players will be taught the basics of management, and at the end they will be allowed to fight with Taskmaster. This episode will take just under half an hour to complete.

After the prologue, players will have access to a single-player company and a war zone with the ability to play in co-op. The single player campaign will unfold in North America, but the war zone will be in the USA tundra.

Also, players have access to training grounds known in the game as HARM. In them, an endless wave of enemies will approach you. The last opportunity in beta is the drop zone. This is the closest small analogue of a war zone.

The Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow and Miss Marvel will be available for the game in beta. The abilities of the heroes can be pumped, as well as pick up more powerful equipment for them.

Hawkeye Campaign

After release, the game will receive support. The first post-release update will be a separate story campaign for Hawkeye. You can go through it both alone and in co-op.

The beta test itself starts on August 7 for those who pre-ordered the game on PS4, on August 14 for those who pre-ordered it on Xbox One and PC, and already on the 21st for all platforms. The game itself will be released on September 4th.

Achievements Available on the Epic Games Store

While millions of dollars are being invested in Epic Games itself, Tim Sweeney's company still adheres to the logic “the quieter you drive, the further you will be,” and is still slowly developing its store. And while millions of players are asking to enter the basket, the developers, in turn, have finally added achievements to the first batch of games.


At least for now, you can get achievements in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, ARK: Survival Evolve, Killing Floor 2, The Escapists, Death Stranding and Satisfactory.

According to Sergey Galyonkin from Epic Games, this is only the initial stage of adding achievements to the store. A full release of the achievements is slated for this fall. They now show progress and the date of the achievement. In the future, they will be divided into rarity.


Before that, we should be provided with support for modifications, and after the release of achievements, epics will begin to fine-tune player profiles.

More Rumors About Resident Evil Village

Despite the announcement of Resident Evil 8, a group of people inside the studio [or whoever they are] continues to leak new facts about the game. A fresh batch of rumors have been uploaded to the Biohazard Declassified fan site.

Most likely, this time the information came from one of the Capcom ambassadors [members of the exclusive program for participation in closed tests of the studio's games].

  • Players have been exploring a location in the castle.
  • Average enemies in the game look rotten and pale with tattoos on their foreheads. Some wear armor that can be shot off. Enemies speak a distorted language. They are armed with daggers, swords, spears and other melee weapons. However, not everyone has it.


  • Enemies jump on the hero and try to bite. To escape, you need to press the corresponding button many times. However, enemies armed with a sword can launch an attack that will decapitate Ethan in one go.
  • The witch has a name - Olga. She is the boss who was allowed to fight. It is shrouded in a mist of insects, and to defeat it, you need to scare them away with a torch, and then shoot at the enemy.


  • A shotgun, a pistol and a knife that does not break was available in the playtest. The game also has a temporary weapon that breaks after several hits.
  • There is a strange woman in RE8 who shares rumors and sells supplies to the player. Another nod to Resident Evil 4.
  • The inventory is also similar to what it looked like in the fourth part, but resembles the seventh in design.
  • The game has VR support, but the announcement will happen when Sony is ready for it. It looks like the mode will be exclusive to PS5.

In August, we should share with us the official details of the game, talk about the plot and show another veteran of the series.

Gabe Newell chooses XSX, using the words "Just because"

After the development and announcement of Half Life: Alyx, Gabe Newell and part of the Valve team went on vacation to New Zealand. They were stuck there after the coronavirus pandemic began, but they became welcome guests on various local shows. Recently, the head of Valve visited the New Zealand TV show The Project, where he was asked which side he is on in choosing a console.

To this, Newell no doubt replied that he chose the Xbox simply because. He did not give specific reasons. Unless he said that he was not involved in the console war, but would just buy himself an XSX. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the Xbox is now part of a global ecosystem tied to the PC, which is the main platform for the studio.

Plus, now all Microsoft games are released exclusively on Steam. But who knows for sure?

A hidden cutscene about nuclear disarmament was opened at MGSV. It happened naturally

MGSV has asynchronous multiplayer where players build bases and infiltrate aliens. You can also create nuclear warheads to protect your base, but they can be stolen. It is already known that if there are no warheads left in the game world, then a secret cut-scene about nuclear disarmament will open. The game showed it a few years ago by accident due to a bug.

But it is difficult to open it yourself, since for this nuclear weapon all players should not remain on one specific platform. An enterprising group of enthusiasts began to steal warheads in the name of peace and this very cut-scene. They did it.

The closest to zero was the number of bombs in PS3 multiplayer. The website MGSV Nuka Watch monitors the number of warheads on the maps. According to his data, world peace did not last long, and the graph did not even show that there were no warheads left in the game. All armed again in a matter of moments.

That was all the big news this week. Keep calm and keep playing and we'll see you next week ... in the next digests ...

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