Impressions from Atomic Heart, features of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and another “heist of the century” - game news digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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Impressions from Atomic Heart, features of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and another “heist of the century” - game news digest from Cadelta. Part two


This week also ends with rumors of a new Nintendo Switch, yet another Fallout 76 fail and "dark ages".

Live experiences from Atomic Heart are vastly different from rumors

As we wrote, accusations fell on the domestic project from the Mundfish studio that their project was nothing. The author of the telegrams of the @korovany channel allegedly spoke anonymously with the studio staff and concluded that the game was doing so-so.

Mundfish refuted, and then took one of the authors of the DTF portal Artem Leonov by the hand and made him play what they had. The journalist denied in his material a lot of what @korovany said.

One of the first criticisms was that the game produces 20-40 frames per second. A journalist playing on a PC with a GeForce RTX 2070 video card did not observe such problems, and the counter averaged 69 fps.


In Atomic Heart, the shooting system works well, as well as artificial intelligence. The journalist says that the enemies ran after him and dodged his attacks. The game has a limited number of cartridges, so you often have to fight in close combat. Leonov also notes that behind the absurd images of robots there is logic and plot, which is hinted at by their design. The exposition of the game is excellent.

As for the technical part, which was spread by @korovany, there are also contradictions. The author of the DTF saw the design documentation with the mechanics, locations, characters and their dialogues spelled out when the whistleblower wrote that the game did not have a design document.

@korovany said that the first version of the game took 15 minutes, so production was restarted. The journalist saw the 2017 version of the game and refutes his words - the game then totaled a total of six hours of play. Also, the studio management claims that the game was not restarted six months ago. Mundfish also denied @korovany's claim that the game is only 20% complete. They cannot give specific numbers, but they claim that development is nearing completion.

In general, we can say that the state of the game is actually in order and @korovany just stirred up the troubles. The game is being made, and the developers agree on its release with different publishers.

Setting, Penalties and Equipment - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Features

Head of FromSoftware Hidetaka Miyazaki gave an interview to the Japanese site GAME Watch in which he told a lot of interesting things about the new project.

For example, about the Kaisei ability, which allows you to resurrect right at the place of death. Miyazaki was asked about the penalties for using it. According to him, the game is so dynamic and difficult that penalties would slow down the pace, so there won't be any.

However, it will not be possible to resurrect too often (a certain time must pass), and it also requires spending resources.

GG has two main weapons - a prosthesis with a built-in grappling hook and a Fushi-giri sword. According to the creator, both of them will have an important role, both in the narrative and in the strategy of the passage, despite the presence of different equipment.


The setting of ancient Japan was chosen by the developers for a number of reasons. First, the head of the studio wanted to create a "startling new world," and ancient Japan was the ideal choice. Secondly, the developers wanted to work on a vertically forked card game.

Miyazaki also noted that there will be stealth in the game, but most of the time we will still spend in open clashes. The emphasis will be placed on the fact that we choose different ways to eliminate the target in an open fight.

And according to the studio's tradition, the game will have several endings.

A Frenchman stole a Playstation 4, attaching a fruit price tag to it

And so, "robbery of the century." 19-year-old Frenchman Adele outwitted the store system and was able to buy a fourth curling iron for the price of fruit. However, he was still caught and received 4 years probation.

It was like this. Adele picked up a Playstation 4 from a supermarket shelf and went to the fruit section, where he weighed the console on the scales, attached a price tag to the box, and went to the self-service section. There he punched a console, which cost 340 euros for the price of three kilograms of fruit, namely 10 euros, and left. After that, he resold the console for € 100. However, the guy decided to repeat the same trick in the same store the next day. There they took him. Tell me, how can you come up with such brilliant plans and still be so dumb?


Bethesda took over - bugs in Fallout 76

Again, absurd, gentlemen! Just two days ago, a major update was released, which radically fixed the problems of Fallout 76. But apparently the very existence of this game infuriates the universe, as the update returned the old, previously fixed bugs to the game!

For example, too heavy hairpins, which are used to pick locks, and the ability to clone items are back. Bethesda said it is already working on fixing the issues. One user suggested that the studio used the first build of Fallout 76 to create the update. The moderator closed the user's discussion under the pretext that he was tired of bullying.


New, smaller version of Nintendo switch coming in 2020

But these are rumors. Allegedly, the company is going to expand its audience with a new version of the hybrid console. Its technical component will be weaker in order to reduce the value. The console will also be smaller for portability.

Nintendo did not comment on this. The root of the rumor is that the company allegedly shared these plans with several vendors and development companies, announcing that it is going to release an updated console between April 2019 and March 2020, Japanese edition Nikkie says.


The second video diary about the creation of A Plague Tale: Innocence called "Dark Ages" has been released

A Plague Tale: Innocence, which tells how an orphaned brother and sister try to survive in medieval France, relies heavily on the atmosphere of the era. This is what the diary is about.

The main characters will begin their journey in luxury, and end at the bottom of society, faced with war, the Inquisition and the plague.

The developers will try to refute the stereotypes about the architecture of those years. The visual series was created with an eye to real artists of the 16th-17th centuries - Jan Vermeer, Pieter Brueghel and Claude Lorrain.

This was all the gaming news of the outgoing week. Read our past news digest and Anthem review to find out why Metro Exodus is worth the wait.

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