Resident Evil 3 Remake, Deep Silver Host Commentary on Metro: Exodus and Epic Games Store, and Metacritic's Strongest Publishers - This week's Gaming News Digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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Resident Evil 3 Remake, Deep Silver Host Commentary on Metro: Exodus and Epic Games Store, and Metacritic's Strongest Publishers - This week's Gaming News Digest from Cadelta. Part one


In addition, read in our digest about the new Chinese co-owner of Quantic Dream, rumors that the domestic Atomic Heart is a dummy, and a new game from American McGee.

Remake of Resident Evil 3 possible if fans need it

Before we all had enough time to rethink Resident Evil 2, many fans already had a question: why not stop there and continue the series of remakes of the original Resident Evil? As it turned out, we have a good chance of seeing an updated Jill Valentine and Nemesis in the third part remake.

One of the developers, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, threw a dice for us in an interview for the Japanese edition of GameWatch. The journalist for this publication in a conversation mentioned that the action of RE2 and RE3 takes place in the same city and during development, the creators used many elements from the second part to create the third. Therefore, he had a reasonable question about whether it makes sense for us to wait for a remake of the third part based on the second game?


To this, Yoshiaki replied that the studio made the remake of Resident Evil 2 at the great request of the fans, and if they really want a remake of the third game, it is highly likely that the studio will take on it. Well, it makes sense to actively flood about the Resident Evil 3 remake in the comments on all Capcom information resources. Or at least - it's all a brilliant multi-move so that we buy a new Resident Evil 2 for this occasion.

"Metro: Exodus - Temporary Epic Games Store Exclusive" - THQ Nordic Commentary

We recently wrote that Metro Exodus will not be released on Steam, and the game itself, like many other projects, is moving to the store from Epic Games.

Koch Media is responsible for this (last year it became part of THQ Nordic). She is the owner of Deep Silver, which publishes Metro: Exodus. Many gamers then had a question: will not all THQ Nordic games now become exclusive to the Epic Games store?


The company commented on the entire event on Twitter: “The decision to make Metro: Exodus a temporary Epic Games Store exclusive was fully taken by Koch Media. This is the sister company of THQ Nordic (Vienna), so we cannot and will not discuss this. We do not want to rule out the possibility that our games in the future may be temporary exclusives. However, right now we are trying to ensure that players choose the platform that is convenient for them, and our portfolio is available on more sites.

There is no doubt about the words of THQ Nordic, because they are confirmed by the fact that Darksiders 3 can indeed be purchased both on Steam and in the Epic Games Store and even in Discord and But at the same time, other projects, like the game Satisfactory, were initially exclusive to Steam, but then moved to the Epic store.

Metacritic named the biggest publishers of last year

2018 is over, and we are still summing up its results in 2019. And now Metacritic has released an annual selection of the most powerful publishers of last year. The resource divided the companies into “large” (12 or more releases per year) and “medium” (5 or more) winners. Remark, "medium" is a conventional definition, and large publishers can get into this section, but not very prolific ones, such as Activision Blizzard.


The scoring criteria were as follows:

  • Average score of all published projects of certain publishers.
  • Percentage of positive reviews (from 75 points)
  • Percentage of negative reviews and reviews (below 49 points)
  • And the number of "great" games (from 90 points, with at least seven reviews)

Capcom became the leader of the "big" publishers with a score of 79.3. The company made a big leap and shot from fifth to first place. Other publishers moved only one position up or down in a year. Metacritic notes that in 2018, Capcom did not release a single game based on new intellectual property, and many highly regarded titles are just remasters or collections of old projects.

Sega, EA, Nintendo and others follow.

Activision Blizzard tops the list of "middling" publishers. She has released only 10 projects, but got her place thanks to Activision and her Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Destiny 2: Forsake.

The list of "average" winners looks like this:

1. Activision Blizzard (10 releases) -77.4 points.

2. Paradox Interactive (8) -75.2.

3. 505 Games (5) -74.1.

4. Take-Two Interactive (9) -77.

5. Aksys Games (5) -72.7.

6. Bethesda Softworks (6) -71.4.

7. Microsoft (6) -76.6.

8. Devolver Digital (11) -75.2.

9. Team17 (10) -73.8.

10. Arc System Works (6) -69.2.

Chinese company NestEase acquired part of Quantic Dream studio

As a reminder, Quantic Dream is a French developer of interactive games like Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human.

A press release from NestEase does not say how large their share is, but states that the French studio will remain independent. And according to Quantic Dream CEO Guillaume de Fondomier, this deal will open up "new opportunities" for them.


The second CEO of the French company David Cage commented on the deal as follows: “In the coming years the gaming industry will undergo significant changes - new technologies, business models and gaming formats are coming. We want Quantic Dream to play a big role in this future, and a strategic partner like NestEase will expand the vision and unleash the studio's full potential. ”

The studio executives also said in an interview that they will continue to release games for PS, but in the future they want to cover all the most popular platforms so that their games will be available to more players.

Rumors: Atomic Heart is not as ambitious as it seems

The game from the USA studio Mundfish received approval not only from the domestic, but also from the Western press. Some even argue that this is the most promising and high-profile project in USA game development over the past few years.

The author of the telegrams of the @korovany channel doubted this. He claims he contacted ten people associated with the development of Atomic Heart, who gave him anonymous interviews about the game being a dummy.


According to them, behind a beautiful picture is an empty world without interesting gameplay, and there are no professionals in the development team. The project's management is stupid, which itself does not know what kind of game it wants, similar to DOOM, or Dark Souls, or Pray.

The development was restarted five months ago, after half of the smart employees were fired. Then the game was still interesting, but now it is a corridor shooter with technical problems and gameplay that has rolled back.

Studio Mundfish has already come out with refuting arguments, and called the author of the material just a "hype" person who chases subscribers using clickbaits. Where is the truth here - it is difficult to understand. Apparently, we will have to wait for the release of the game.

American McGee is working on a new game Alice: Asylum

About the continuation of the Alice series, the first part of which was released in 1999, fans begged the game designer since the sequel was released in 2011. In 2017 American said, they say, sorry guys, but EA has all the rights, and they don't want to continue, but I I can still sketch and offer them a concept. And just recently he told us on his blog that he is already working on a sequel design.


Alice: Asylum will be a prequel to the first part, where a girl will fight demons in her head after the death of her parents. You can support the developer as follows:

  • Follow him on Twitter, You Tube, Instagram, Facebook
  • Support the author with a coin on Patreon
  • Buy themed merchandise from him.

This was all the gaming news from the beginning of the week. Wait for the continuation, read our last digest, as well as other fresh materials on the site.

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