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STALKER 2, new Fable, details Atomic Heart - game news digest # 4.07. Part two


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STALKER 2, Fable, Halo: Infinite: Essential with the Xbox Games Showcase

Microsoft held a presentation on the Xbox Games Showcase, where they showed new projects from internal and external studios. We will tell you about the main presentation projects.

Halo: Infinite Trailer & Gameplay

The presentation began with a demonstration of Halo: Infinite gameplay. If you are familiar with the series, then there will be nothing new for you, except perhaps a cat hook.

The developers say that in the game we will explore a new ring, which is several times larger than in the last parts of the series. We are also promised large-scale battles in cleanliness at 60 fps.

The game will be released on PC on Steam, XOne and XSX.

The Complete STALKER 2 Trailer

Fortunately, information about STALKER 2 is no longer limited to last year's bread and we were presented with a full debut trailer for the game. In addition, Zakhar Bocharov, who is in charge of public relations in the studio, shared information about the game on the Xbox website.

This time we are waiting for a full-fledged open world, which the developers call one of the largest in the history of games. The main character is one of the stalkers exploring the territory of the Zone. The plot of the game is non-linear and your actions will affect the fate of the world and its inhabitants.


New anomalies, mutants and artifacts will appear in the game. The developers are creating a new system A-Life 2.0, which is responsible for the interaction of mutants and the inhabitants of the Zone. Events and meetings will be generated even when the player is not around.


STALKER 2 is a Microsoft ecosystem exclusive and will be released on PC and XSX. If the release of the game takes place on the PlayStation 5, then it will happen much later. The game will be included in the Xbox Games Pass on the day it launches.

New Fable Announced

There were a lot of rumors on the topic of Fable, and its announcement was expected last year at E3 2019. The game still exists, and the authors of Forza Horizon, Playground Games studio, are engaged in its creation.

The developer calls the game a personal endeavor in the legendary franchise, where we have to explore a fabulous and at the same time dark world. Apparently this is a full restart of the game, not a continuation.

The release date is still unknown, but the game will be released on PC and XSX, and of course it will be included in the Xbox Games Pass.

Avowed is the next Obsidian project

One of Microsoft's main studios, Obsidian, showed off a new expansion for The Outer Worlds at the event, but more importantly, announced its new fantasy RPG Avowed.

So far, little is known about the game, but this is an AAA project with a third-person view, which takes place in the Pillars of Eternity universe. We will learn more about the game in the future.

New Psychonauts 2 Trailer

In case you forgot, Psychonauts 2 still exists, as the developers have reminded of, showing the game trailer in which the composition of Jack Black sounds. By the way, the musician voices in the game a magic light accompanying the main character of the agent Razputin Aquato.

Recall that according to the plot we will have a large-scale journey through the world of the human brain, where we will expand the horizons of mentality. Also, the game will tell about the secret of the main character's family.

The game will be available next year on PC, XSX, X One and PS4.

Everwild - a game about unity with nature

Studio Rare has been dealing only with the pirate multiplayer project Sea of Thief for the last few years. However, at the Xbox Games Showcase, they showed off a trailer for their new project, Everwild.

In the game we will take on the role of some Eternal people who find themselves in a fantastic world, explore the beauty of nature and establish a connection with it.

Forza Motorsport: Reimagining the Franchise with Next Gene Graphics

Forza Motorsport will be a reimagining of the series, claiming to be the next generation project.

Its main advantage is called ubiquitous ray tracing, which will harmoniously connect all the details of the world, giving out a realistic picture. Everything shown in the trailer was rendered on the engine of the game itself, so consider what you saw should already be in it. The project will be released on XSX and will run in 4K at 60fps.

New details about the domestic Atomic Heart

This week, Mundfish has begun sharing answers to their top questions and concerns about Atomic Heart with fans. We have chosen the most important thing.


  • At the moment, the game is completely ready and goes through the polishing stage. According to developers, it has become much more convenient since it was first shown, and concept cards have undergone almost complete changes.
  • The creators call such games as Dead Space and Dark Souls, the Black Mirror series and the stories of the Strugatsky brothers as sources of inspiration.
  • Among the difficulties, the developers name the coronavirus, due to the consequences of which they had to slightly adjust the graphics and postpone the shooting of cut-scenes.
  • The game has a well-developed lore, where all characters have their own goals and history. The world has been worked out to the smallest detail and we learn a lot about it through the environment or radio messages.


  • The game is bloody enough, especially in shootouts. Plus, it has both finishing off opponents and various deaths of the player.
  • As for the size of the world - it is not very large by modern standards and it will be possible to complete the game in just 20 hours. The developers recommend replaying Atomic Heart several times in order to fully understand the plot.
  • There is no customization or gender selection in the game.
  • The player's inventory is not limited, but when overloaded, we will receive certain debuffs.
  • There will be a pet pig in the game.

Also, soon we will have a new trailer, which may show the release date. After all, judging by what the developers are saying, the development is almost finished. The game will be released on PC, XOne and PS4.

Epic Games Store Summer Sale kicks off this week

The Epic Games Store has started the Summer Sale, and you can re-purchase many games at great discounts. It will last until August 6. At the sale, Epic Games said, you can apply your old coupons if you still have them. They are automatically applied to your purchase. Plus, the coupons themselves are valid until November 1. Unfortunately, there will be no new ones at the summer sale.

Tacoma and Next Up Hero are also giving away free of charge in the store now.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon will release worldwide in November

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is out in Japan, but the rest of the world is just getting ready to see it. IGN has published new information about the world premiere of the reimagining of the famous franchise.

  • The game will appear in the store in November. According to information unconfirmed by the developer from Sony and Microsoft stores - already on November 13.
  • The XSX version will appear on the console's release, and the game will appear on the PS5 over time. It is stated that when you buy for the outgoing generation, you will receive a free upgrade for the next one. But again, the game will appear on PS5 over time, so those who buy the game on PS4 will have to wait.
  • The game has English dubbing.
  • You can pre-order it now - the price is $ 59.99. The price will remain the same for the next generation consoles.


Recall that now the genre is a turn-based JRGP game.

This was all the important news from the beginning of the week. Keep calm and keep playing and we'll see you next week ... in the next digests ...

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