Xbox Series X Opportunities, Vaasa Return, CDP Bankruptcy - Gaming News Digest # 4.04. Part two (Topic)

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Xbox Series X Opportunities, Vaasa Return, CDP Bankruptcy - Gaming News Digest # 4.04. Part two


Also in the news: Death Stranding PC release has been postponed, Kafka's horror movie, Layers of Fear will be screened.

Microsoft and Developers Explain New Xbox Series X Features

Microsoft's next console promises to be powerful, but how exactly will that power be used? Windows Central spoke to Xbox Series X creators and developers from various studios about the console's capabilities.

According to Jason Ronald, Director of Software Management for Xbox, SSD will keep downloads to a minimum and help make worlds more vibrant and dynamic. This, in his opinion, will help game authors reach their potential.


Gennady Korol, Director of Technology at Moon Studios, believes that the console's main trump card is support for high resolutions and constant refresh rates. This will give the audience a new experience.

High performance can render long-range ballistics, says Rebilion's technical director, Kevin Floer Lee. Also, in his opinion, ray tracing will help create realistic acoustics, which will be great for stealth games. Plus he's confident the SSD will play a role in helping bring more motion-capture animations into games.

Ray tracing, as the main feature of the console, is highlighted by the developer of The Long Dark - Joel Baker from Hinterland Games. Tracing will help in displaying realistic weather conditions such as snow, blizzard, and will also provide the ability to dynamically change the sound.

The company has managed to cut load times by four times, which will help in texture detailing. So says the technical director of The Coalition studio Mike Reiner. The console allows you to enable downloads only when needed.

Developers also note that hardware is friendly to game optimization and will spend less time on it.

Recall that the console is due out at the end of the year, and the presentation itself will take place in early May, according to rumors.

The actor who played Vaasa in Far Cry 3 hints at the return of his character

Far Cry 3's Vaas Mantenegro has become one of the most famous villains in the series, and has also brightened up the first half of the game with his screen appearances. In many ways, the hero came out so charismatic thanks to the efforts of actor Michael Mando.

Recently in a Q&A session on Reddit, he hinted that we might see him in the future in a famous role. He was asked if he would return to the role of Vaasa or if he would remain in the role of his character from Better Call Saul.

Mando replied that Vaas is his dark animal and he really loves this character. Who knows, maybe he will soon return to this role.


He did not say anything other than this vague wording. However, anything can be assumed, from participation in some fan project, to the adaptation of Far Cry 3.

CDP has gone bankrupt. CDPR started with it, but the studio itself is fine

Once upon a time, Marcin Iwinski and Michal Kaczynski founded the CDP publishing house in 1994, which was involved in the distribution of games in Poland. It recently filed for bankruptcy.

The publishing house was the first of a group of companies that became part of CDPR, but only in 2014 it changed its owner and split off. It turned out to be a difficult decision for her, and in January 2020 the company went through a wave of layoffs, and now it itself ceases to exist.

In fact, it wasn't even the coronavirus that hit the publisher, but the transfer of Cyberpunk 2077 from April to September 17. The publisher hoped for a release that would help him last, but alas, the miracle did not happen.


The game itself and the right to publish it were intercepted by the publishing house Cenega. Puls Biznesu, which broke the news, calls CDP the oldest game publisher in the country.

You can watch the story of CDPR in Alice's video.

Due to the pandemic, Death Stranding release on PC is postponed to July 14

Kojima Productions has announced that it has postponed the PC version of Death Stranding from June 2 to July 14. This is due to the difficulties of production during quarantine. In addition, the studio itself has now closed, as one of the employees was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

It took more time for KojiPro to go to work at home, so it was decided to postpone the release later in the summer.


Metamorphosis - horror based on the famous short story by Franz Kafka

Metamorphosis is a first-person adventure platformer based on the Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. Despite the fact that Kafka's stories rarely become games, the Polish studio Ovid Works decided to change this alignment.

True, the adaptation is quite free. The main character Gregor Sams turns into a beetle, and also learns that his friend Joseph has been arrested. The hero goes to save him. In parallel, he is looking for answers about the changed world around him.

The game will consist of platforming elements, and the wings and legs of an insect will help you overcome obstacles.

In the game we will meet both humans and bugs, and they are all declared as very eccentric characters. To create them, the developers were inspired by the images of Kafka from his literature.

The game is due out this year on PC, PS4 and XOne.

Layers of Fear will receive a film adaptation

In its report, the Bloober Team studio wrote that they are going to bring their horror to the big screens. Considering that Layers of Fear is already quite a cinematic game, this decision is not surprising.

So far, little is known about the film, except that it will be created by the Project Nerd Boss studio, which has not previously shot a movie. Which of the two parts of the game will be filmed is also unclear. The first was about an artist who was trying to finish his picture and went crazy, and the second about a silent film actor who was controlled by a crazy director.


Also recall that the studio plans to film its own horror Observer.

Keep calm and keep playing, and we'll see you next week ... in the next digests ...

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