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Smartphones 2018: what is everyone waiting for?


Before the promised flagship comes out, the company starts working on a new device. This is normal: the field of mobile technologies is developing at a rapid pace, it is difficult to keep up with it, so every minute counts.

The smartphones featured in this collection are not out yet. Many do not have an estimated release date, and in some cases the expected characteristics are just guesses, because the details of each development are kept in the strictest confidence. But we will definitely find out when the time comes.

Nokia 9

The next smartphone from Nokia will be called Nokia 9. Its presentation will take place in January 2018 as part of an event planned by HMD Global in China. According to rumors, the smartphone will be in many ways better than its predecessor Nokia 8.

It is expected to have a curved display and an 18: 9 aspect ratio. Nokia is not abandoning its partnership with the German optics manufacturer Zeiss, so we can say for sure that the expected device will show itself worthy in photo and video shooting.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +

The mobile giant is not asleep: representatives of the company started talking about plans for the future immediately after the release of S8 and S8 +. The Galaxy S9 is expected to arrive in two flavors and will feature an “infinite” display that seamlessly flows into the back.

Since the S8 has been criticized for the poor placement of the fingerprint scanner (to the side of the lens), the S9 will move it under the lens so that shooting enthusiasts no longer worry about the smudged lens. Other rumors are highly controversial. Only closer to April we will know for sure what awaits us.

Sony Xperia

Sony makes phones more often than anyone else. After the official unveiling of the XZ1, XZ1 Compact and XA1, the company hinted very clearly that it would like to redesign the design.

This is already interesting, because all the latest Sony devices are not much different from each other. What exactly innovations Sony is going to introduce is unknown. There are speculations that we will see the new Xperia at the next Mobile World Congress in February.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Along with the release of the Galaxy Note 8, the development team said in an interview that they are developing the next model in the line and seeking improvements to the S Pen stylus. In particular, they found an opportunity to build a sensor into the pen that measures the level of alcohol in the breath.

The Galaxy Note 9 is tentatively named "Crown" and is rumored to have a fingerprint reader integrated into the touchscreen display. The device already looks no less innovative than the iPhone X, which means that its price will be at the level of the "apple" flagships. We won't see Galaxy Note 9 until next August.



When the HTC U11 + came out in November, it became completely clear: the aspect ratio of the display 18: 9 is the standard for the flagships of the coming year. As for the future model, its features will be a dual rear camera and a powerful front camera - 16MP. Mini-jack 3.5 most likely will not return.

It is hoped that this feature will not be a standard yet: after all, the loss in audio quality during transmission via Bluetooth is noticeable.

Apple iPhone 9

Apple iPhone 9

The iPhone X is a 10th Anniversary Edition model for Apple. It turned out to be super premium and super innovative. According to the company, this is a guarantee of mobile technology standards for the entire next decade. The 9th iPhone is not going anywhere, it will definitely be released, but what exactly it will become is impossible to say for sure.

There is an assumption that its casing will be made of aluminum in order to reduce the price of the device, it will retain Face ID, and the display size will have a 19: 9 ratio. In general, we should get a device that will take its logical place between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Its release is expected in October 2018.

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