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All about Control and the feel of the first hours of playing Sekiro Shadow Die Twice - this week's gaming news digest from Сadelta. Part two


Read also in our digest about the development mania to rivet the battle royale and how Cyberpunk 2077 is created

Control - Remedy Entertainment Hit Facts

Game Informer decided to devote the entire March to Control and is preparing a whole series of thematic materials. The other day, journalists visited the developer's office to conduct a series of interviews. Studio director Mikael Kasurinen was the first to tell about the game.

Control Facts:

  • The game will take place in the Oldest House - the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control, in New York. During the game, the location will constantly change. The house is called the oldest because it is really very old ....
  • You probably didn't think so, but the developer says the game won't be a horror game, but it has some scary elements. Also, the heroine of Control, as often happens in horror films, is a victim of circumstances.
  • In-game graphics will vary on consoles. The developers plan to make the game as juicy as possible and will squeeze the maximum out of each console. This will give Xbox One X and Playstation 4 Pro owners the coolest picture ever.
  • Like Alan Wake, the studio's new game will feature in-game TV.


What will definitely be in the game: Audio logs, control settings, non-linearity, weapon upgrades, sudden plot twists, ability recharges, DLC, destructible environments, skill tree [Mikael does not hide his love for the ability to throw people ], collectibles - several types, many secrets that no one is going to reveal.

What we won't see: Multiplayer, microtransactions, Missy Elliott's songs - Lose Control after passing, "New Game +" mode, the ability to crouch - the character sticks to low cover automatically, photo mode - maybe he will appear after exiting.


Interesting facts from the interview:

  • Remedy Entertainment prefers to make sequels infrequently - this prevents the studio from moving forward.
  • The last game the developers made to cry was Dark Souls because of its complexity.
  • The lead developer believes that the ideal budget for a single game is $ 100 million. 50 to create and another 50 to promote.
  • Mikael is a Nintendo Switch lover. He hopes that in the future his studio will develop a game for this console.

According to the latest information, Control will be released this summer.

The more you respawn, the more people will rot - journalists on the first hours of playing Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

The general idea of the game for the first few hours of the passage cannot be added, but nevertheless, it is better than nothing. Western journalists just had the opportunity to test the new brainchild of From Software for several hours.

In general, they note that the game does not differ much in its foundation from the studio's past projects. Everything is also complicated and furious. However, Sekiro has a lot of detail that hides her originality.


Stealth refreshes the familiar gameplay quite well. You can hide in the tall grass, hunt down your targets and kill them one by one to avoid an open encounter. The hero can overhear the conversations of enemies and find out information about the location of bosses or objects. You won't be able to complete the entire game with stealth, but its presence pleases.

Hook-cat gives freedom, which made the gameplay vertical. It helps you move faster, as well as escape from enemies. You can also mount various weapons on a hand prosthesis: a flamethrower, a large ax or a cannon.

Of the innovations in the game, a scale of stamina is distinguished, which replaced the usual stamina. You can dance around the enemy without losing strength, but blocking reduces your stamina. To restore it, you just need to dodge, and if it dries up completely, a crushing blow will become available, which will take a lot of life from the enemy. Journalists note that such a mechanic has a positive effect on the balance - you need to attack competently in order to exhaust and finish off your opponent, but do not forget to go into defense to successfully parry retaliatory attacks.


We've also improved the mechanics of death in the game. You can resurrect right at the place of death, but for this you need to spend special charges, which are given only two at the beginning. If you do not have time to restore them, you will lose some experience and money. Also, frequent resurrection at the place of death leads to the spread of the disease "dragon rot" throughout the world. NPCs can pick it up and refuse to trade with you or give you information.

From Software doesn't mind working on the battle royale

The creators of souls like games apparently do not mind switching to the dark side of the force. The head of the studio Hideteka Miyazaki spoke about this in a recent interview. He also says that the studio is looking not only at the battle royale, but also at games services like Destiny and Anthem. He does not exclude that in the future she will be engaged in a project that will include two pillars of the current gaming industry at once.

He says that this will help diversify work and develop. There is no need to be afraid that we will lose their branded product, Miyazaki assures, because single-player projects are the main games of From Software and they will not disappear anywhere.

Firestorm - Battlefield 5 Battle Royale

Season 3 of Battlefield 5 Trial by Fire will be released in March. Also one of the innovations will be the "Firestorm" battle royale. A video dedicated to her has just floated to You tube. Overall, it has all the classic battle royale mechanics.

Only possible to highlight:

  • Vehicles can be destroyed using special weapons and gadgets
  • Cannons are divided into three categories - Common, Rare, and Epic. The coolest samples have improved characteristics and pre-installed attachments - among them, for example, a telescopic sight, a larger magazine and a lower recoil.
  • A character can carry a limited number of items. Find backpacks to increase your inventory.
  • Soldiers have no unique class advantages in Firestorm.

Geralt of Rivia continues to talk about CD Project Red. This time the voice of the witcher told about the creation of Cyberpunk 2077

We wrote that Sony released a video on CD Project Red and its creation. For authenticity, the voiceover was invited to read Doug Kokla - the voice of Geralt of Rivia. Sony released the second similar video, but about the studio's future hit.

The developers did not share the latest details, but they told how the development process went before the announcement at E3 last year. For example, we will be told why one of the studio's CEOs, Marcin Ivinsky, was “not himself” at this presentation.

There is no release date for the game, the developer says that it will be released "when it is ready." However, the fact that it will be released on the current generation consoles gives us hope that we will play it later this year.

That was all of this week's gaming news. If you haven’t heard that a game about a rapist has sneaked into steam, or how the hat and God of War are connected, we suggest reading the first part of the digest.

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