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TOP: The best horror movies of 2018


We all know and love classic horror games, but as we summarized in horror history, the history of the genre is still being written. Yes, the year is not over yet, and some games will have to wait, but already now we have a handful of contenders for the title of "best horror of this year", which you can play on the eve of All Saints.

The month of horror on WorldOfTopics continues with a list of "the best horror games of this year", which you can play both in the coming Halloween and in the dark and cold autumn evenings that are gradually approaching.

Scorn (PC)

This game is a huge tribute to Hans Giger, the Swiss artist who created the image of the Alien from the film of the same name, his cocoons, the Queen Mother of Aliens, and all the slimy biomechanical landscapes that we saw in the franchise. It is worth saying that often in his work there was a gender or sexual theme, from which paintings in his style came out creepy. Scorn is done just like that.

The game will be published in chapters, and so far we know information about the first two. In many ways, you will have to solve different puzzles using the weapon that has grown into the hero's hand, and we play as a humanoid lost in the world of nightmares.

Call of Cthulhu (PC, PS4 X One)

A remake of the game, based on the work of the genius Howard Lovecraft, will be released on October 31st. We have already written about him, but recall that we are transferred to a remote island in the vicinity of Boston, in the role of a detective investigating a series of arson and murders. During the game, the hero will lose his mind a little, and how quickly this happens will depend on our choices and actions.

The game has a non-linear character, however, the developer claims that the development of the plot will more depend on the leveling of your skills and the artifacts found. The game will appeal not only to Lovecraft fans, but also to everyone who loves cool horror games.

Last Year (PC)

Remember all those horror films from the 90s about cool, but stupid high school students or students who die one by one at the hands of a maniac? This game is just about that, only with a network mode. Under control we can take just the same huge killer with an ax and become a nightmare.

Maniacs, by the way, there will be several and each has its own unique abilities for killing. As you might guess, the main task in a closed night college is to kill students. The task of students, if you take them under control, is to stay alive. They will also have their own skills: one can pick locks, the other repair generators, etc.

The game is out now and you can take on the role of both victim and maniac.

Moon of Madness ( PC )

And again on our list of the best horror movies Lovecraft, based on the work of which they created a psychological thriller in space.

He will tell us about the colonizer of Mars, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time at the station, where people began to go crazy. We are beginning to suffer from hallucinations around which the gameplay revolves, which makes it difficult to distinguish reality from fiction.

Agony Unrated (PC, PS4, X One)

The original game was promising, as it brought us to the most terrible place - to hell, where we control a lost soul who does not remember his past, takes control of demons and other hellish creatures trying to regain memory. Alas, the game turned out to be a fairly passable product, since a lot of things had to be cut out of it.

However, as we wrote in our last digest, the developers will release its full uncensored version on October 31, in which we will taste hell to the fullest. We will be able to watch how demons punish sinners and try to escape so that he does not punish us. In addition, 8 endings and a finished plot according to the developers will not leave us indifferent.

Ad Infinitum (PC)

The First World War is terrible in itself, but in addition to the oppressive setting, there are demons who have crawled out of the depths to kill those who survived after another battle with the enemy. We are one of the survivors trying to escape in the underground catacombs, facing the surreal horrors of war.

With all its might, the game wants to show us how terrible the war and the atrocities that it entails.

The Conjuring House (PC, PS4)

Taking on the role of a journalist who finds himself in a house with paranormal phenomena, we explore their nature. Its inhabitants are ghosts and mentally ill people who will scare us in every possible way and try to kill us.

The game is a classic horror about a cursed house, with an oppressive atmosphere and ghosts. However, it should be said that she scares more thanks to the screamers, so you should not expect a big scale from her. But that doesn't mean it's worth skipping.

These best horror movies have come out or are still preparing for release this year, which one will be the best horror of the year - we will only find out at the end of 2018. And if the game you like is not out of this list, you can always play the immortal classics or read our thematic materials.

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