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”Unleash your imagination ...”: Western journalists' impressions of Control


On the 26th a new preview of the game Control was released. It's an action-packed thriller from Remedy Entertaiment who previously gave us the Alan Wake, Max Pain 3 and Quantum Break dilogy. We have written more than once news about this game, but we remind you that the plot tells about the Secret Bureau of Control, which [carefully, there will be a dangerous joke now] take control of paranormal forces. At the press screening, journalists were given the opportunity to play Control for a couple of hours. They shared the following impressions.

According to journalists from IGN, the game is the most versatile game the studio has ever done. Alan Wake showed us a cool mystical story, Quantum Break - super powers, and Max Pain 2 - excellent dynamics. Control brings it all together a little bit. But overall, it's more of Max Pain 2. IGN writer Ryan McCaffey puts it like this:

“There is more of Max Pain 2 in the DNA of Control than other titles in the studio, but I don't think that's a minus. This is not your typical cover shooter. When I tried to take a break behind the column, they killed me, because my health is not restored. The game constantly encourages action and movement to collect healing potions from dead enemies. ”


An important place in the gameplay is occupied by Jesse's superpowers, because they push the player to experiment. Eurogamer journalist Tom Phillips notes that they add wildness and scope to combat, making it the best side of the game.

However, many of them are used not only for battle, but also for moving through the levels, since the world is built on the principle of "metrodriving". You have to return to the location where you were in order to get to places that were previously inaccessible without the presence of certain abilities of the heroine. For example, levitation also makes the gameplay vertical, helping to move around the location to distant places. The same Ryne McCaffie from IGN notes:

“It’s very nice to watch Jesse soar into the air as she slowly pushes herself off the ground, standing on the edge and levitates.”


Eurogamer ascribes to the advantages of the game that it has something to do. In the Old House [the location where the office is located] there are many areas that are not necessary to pass, but they are well designed and worth a visit.

An important role is played by NPCs, who will also be in the Old House. You can take side quests from them and find out plot details.

The developers are planning to develop the game after the release. They will release two DLC Foundation and AWE at once, and then small updates that will expand the lore of the game. According to the developer, they got this idea after Quantum Break. Remedy created the game for five years, and gamers completed it in 8 hours, which caused a certain apathy among developers. Now they want their new game not to be interrupted after completing the game.


This will add the endgame content "Bureau Alerts" to it. The essence of this mode is not yet clear, unlike the fact that it will make sense to return to the game.

Of the downsides, IGN highlights that FPS in Control sags even on PS4 pro. But this may still be fixed for release.

In general, all journalists note that in the game the developers have given free rein to their imagination, which gives it a zest.


Control will launch exclusively on the Epic Store on PC, PS4 and XOne on August 27. You can reorder it now, but the price for the PC version bites a lot: 3,799 rubles.

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Author: Jake Pinkman