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Experts have determined the cost of a trip to Hyperloop along the route


USA experts from the Institute of Natural Monopolies Problems pondered the question: if a modern high-speed train Hyperloop appeared in USA, how much would it cost to travel on it? In their model, the experts took one of the most popular routes between two megacities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. In general, their conclusions boil down to the fact that the construction of a high-speed transport system is not yet profitable, and not everyone will be able to take advantage of the trips to Hyperloop.

What's the idea

The concept of creating a new type of transport that would surpass the speed of existing trains belongs to the famous inventor, founder of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk. For the first time, Elon Musk voiced his idea in 2012. The idea is to build vacuum tunnels with rarefied air between cities, in which aluminum passenger capsules move at a speed of 500 to 1200 km / h. Each of the capsules has a turbine in the nose, which processes air and accelerates the capsule, at the same time raising it like an air cushion.


While Elon Musk launched the idea, other companies started to implement it. Since the official introduction of the Hyperloop project, several third-party corporations have emerged to implement the concept of high-speed train replacement. So, on European territory, the first 500-kilometer tunnel with a capsule should appear between the cities of Stockholm and Helsinki, covering this distance in less than 30 minutes. The construction of the Hyperloop system is also expected in Dubai.


Virgin Hyperloop One has announced the construction of a 90 km tunnel between the Indian cities of Pune and Mumbai. By some estimates, the Hyperloop train reduced the travel time between them from 3.5 hours to half an hour. The cost of a trip on such transport was estimated at $ 142, while on a regular train it costs $ 16.

Hyperloop in USA

In USA, attention was also paid to the concept of the high-speed system Hypeloop. Projects for its implementation were proposed on the Moscow-Sochi route, in the Far East and between St. Petersburg and Moscow. The latter option, as the most demanded, became the subject of analysis. The researchers took into account several important parameters, including the cost of the entire construction, its payback, the minimum passenger traffic.


Experts have calculated that in order to pay off the project in 20 years, from 4 to 14 thousand passengers should use trips to Hypeloop every day. With such characteristics and taking into account the full occupancy of the speed capsules, the experts deduced the average cost of such a trip - within 27 thousand rubles, while the travel time will be 33 minutes.


In these calculations of the cost of the ticket, the researchers named the business community and the part of the population with the corresponding income level as the main passengers of the Hyperloop system. However, they will not be able to provide the required number of passengers per day to pay off the project within an acceptable time frame. Thus, the experts considered the construction of the Hyperloop tunnel along the Moscow-Petersburg route inexpedient, despite the need to expand transport routes between these cities.


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