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MacBook Air 2019 has less performance than the 2018 model


Experts have tested the weather models of the MacBook Air, released in 2018 and 2019. The research platform was the Blackmagic benchmark. The result turned out to be interesting - the recently released MacBook Air this year lost about a third to the previous year's counterpart in the speed of the SSD.

For comparison, the experts took the older version of the MacBook Air 2019 with a storage capacity of 256 GB and the same assembly of last year's laptop. As a result of the experiment, the 2018 MacBook showed a read speed within 2 GB / s, while the write speed was fixed at 0.9 GB / s. Against its background, the more modern model lost to the SSD in read speed. For the updated MacBook Air, it was 1.3 GB / s, that is, decreased by 35%, although both laptops were not inferior in write speed.

Apple presented the new MacBook Air in early July this year. Compared to last year's Air 2018 model, the updated MacBook has a more modern chipset and better display in its arsenal. At the same time, the cost of Air 2019 became almost $ 100 less than last year's model, which, most likely, was achieved precisely due to the reduction in the cost of the solid-state drive.


According to the MacRumors edition, for users such "trifles" in the form of lower reading speed will remain almost imperceptible. Despite the fact that it still remains relatively high. The portal clarifies that for everyday practical tasks, a read speed of 1.3 GB / s is sufficient when compared to the average of 500 MB / s that a drive with a SATA form factor gives.

At the same time, Apple's decrease in the cost of the 2019 MacBook is aimed at capturing new consumers among the younger audience. In turn, the July MacBook Air laptop is currently the most compact among all the representatives of the Apple MacBook family. Previously, the MacBook with a diagonal of 12 inches from 2015, the company has removed from sale.


Reducing prices as a way to attract new potential audience may turn out to be Apple's strategy, which for some countries will not be entirely relevant. When in the US market the difference in the price of the MacBook Air versions of 2018 and 2019 turned out to be within $ 100 ($ 1200 and $ 1100, respectively), for USA users the younger MacBook Air 2019 is $ 1500, or about 94 thousand rubles. However, the downward trend in the cost of the updated MacBook in comparison with last year in the USA market also persists. So, MacBook Air 2018 in the assembly of 8 and 128 GB at the time of the presentation was estimated at around 105 thousand rubles.

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Author: Jake Pinkman