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Apple has removed the most controversial MacBook from sale


Apple has made a number of changes to its product lineup. The company removed from it the Apple laptop, which was not famous for its best side. The MacBook 12 is best known as a platform for the company's constructive and design experiments.

Having removed the 12-inch MacBook from sale, the "apple" corporation is offering an updated version of the MacBook Air to replace it. This laptop has some similarities with the MacBook 12, namely, light (for devices in its class) weight and ultra-thin body. At the same time, the updated Air also boasts of personal features, including a screen with a larger diagonal, an increased number of ports and the lowest cost among other current "apple" laptops.

What made the MacBook 12 famous

This is the first device in the line of mobile PCs in which instead of all connectors a single USB-C port was integrated, and an updated keyboard of a new format appeared. With the release of this model, the company received complaints from users about problems with the keyboard and sticking of its buttons.


The 12-inch MacBook debuted in 2015 for the first time, and at that time it was distinguished from other devices by a weight of less than 1 kg (more precisely - 907 g) and a thin metal case (13 mm). To reduce the thickness, the manufacturer had to sacrifice all popular ports, leaving only the newfangled USB-C. As practice has shown, many users accustomed to HDMI, USB-A, SD, microSD, etc., did not approve of such a design solution, to put it mildly.


Another distinctive feature of the MacBook 12 is Apple's iconic keyboard concept with its signature butterfly keyboard technology. This mechanism is a highly modified "scissors" - another way of attaching buttons. The company presented the "butterfly" as a more convenient and reliable mechanism in comparison with the scissor counterpart, but in reality everything turned out to be different. "Butterfly" could not cope with ordinary dust, as a result, the laptop keys began to stick. Apple could not finally solve this problem, and after the release of several generations of the mechanism, it seriously plans to completely abandon it.

Cost effective replacement

MacBook 12 stopped receiving updates in 2017, two years after release. And this year, its sales fell significantly after the release of the updated MacBook Air version 2019, especially since the price of the latter turned out to be lower. For comparison: at the time of its release, the MacBook Air was priced at least $ 1,300, and the updated 13.3-inch Air costs about $ 1100. The minimum build of the MacBook Air 2019 includes an 8th Gen Intel Core chipset with overclocking up to 3.6 GHz, 8 GB and 128 GB of RAM and internal memory, Retina display with True Tone support.


Discontinued, but you can buy

Despite the fact that the 12-inch Apple laptop will no longer be found on the shelves with Apple products, it is possible to purchase the device. The company offers to order its refurbished version through its website, but in this case, the cost of the laptop will still be higher than that of the same MacBook Air 2019. The refurbished version of the Apple device assumes that the gadget was already in use, and depending on its condition it could get new parts and body. Usually the price of such gadgets turns out to be lower than modern operating analogs, and they also have a manufacturer's warranty.


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