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Apple redesigns MacBook keyboard


Apple's keyboard may change significantly this year. The corporation is preparing its large-scale redesign and, most importantly, a different mechanism will be used in the keyboards of branded Apple notebooks. Instead of the usual "butterfly", the updated MacBook will receive a keyboard with a scissor mechanism.

Interestingly, "scissors" were already used in Apple branded gadgets until 2015, that is, until the moment the company made a choice in favor of the "butterfly" design. At the same time, the modern MacBook keyboard will not receive a classic scissor design, but a redesigned version of the mechanism, which will be additionally reinforced with fiberglass.

For the first time a keyboard with a new design Apple introduced in 2015. The proprietary butterfly mechanism was considered an advanced development of the company, and the new keyboard, although it became thinner, was supposed to be more durable and reliable. In reality, everything turned out not quite as expected by the developers of the mechanism, although at the initial stage after the release of the next MacBook 2015 with "butterflies", users approved of such a decision - the keyboard liked its thin design and pleasant feedback.


After a while, the new mechanism revealed problems that at first glance seemed not obvious. In practice, it turned out that the butterfly keyboard does not cope with dust. Over time, its keys filled with dust particles, becoming less controllable. The buttons could simply not work, stick or act on their own without pressing. In addition to this, the keyboard started to make noise.

Another characteristic of the butterfly design is the complexity of maintenance. Reducing the thickness of the keyboard was achieved by not the best arrangement of the components: the battery, keyboard, speakers and touchpad were located on the same platform. Despite many attempts to fix all the shortcomings, user complaints about sticky keys and keyboard noise continued to flow.


The production of the butterfly mechanism turned out to be expensive due to a considerable percentage of defects. In comparison with it, the cost of the "scissors" turned out to be less, although it is still more expensive than standard keyboards. According to some reports, Apple's scissor-style keyboard will add to the MacBook Air series this year, and the MacBook Pro family will not get it until next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman