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Apple's new powerful flagship has cooling problems


The 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro flagship failed a test drive. The recently released MacBook with an Intel Core i9 processor did not cope with overheating, which made its performance lower than that of the previous version of the MacBook.

Houston, we have a problem

Dave Lee, YouTube host and author of popular tech gadgets, gave an exam on the powerful new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and talked about the challenges he faced during the test. In his video, Lee ran Adobe Premiere, a heavy-duty video-processing program, on a recently acquired device with a powerful 6-core 2.9 Hz processor. By the way, Apple is positioning its newcomer as a device for work, including with heavy applications.

After a certain time after the start of work, the video blogger recorded the process of overheating of the chipset cooling system, which led to a decrease in the operating clock frequency. And this has already become the reason for the drop in the overall performance of the new flagship "apple" computer. As a result, according to the technical reviewer, the new 2018 MacBook performed worse than its predecessor, an Apple 2017 laptop with an Intel Core i7 chipset.

At elevated temperatures

Among the recent innovations presented by Apple, a model of the Pro line with a 6-core processor appeared for the first time. The manufacturer created such a configuration specifically for the version with a 15-inch screen.

In his experiment, Dave Lee compared the performance of the 15-inch flagship with an earlier version of the 2017 MacBook, which, using Turbo Boost technology, can accelerate to 3.1 Hz in safe mode, taking into account the increase in load. The Core i9 chipset in the recently released 2018 MacBook also features similar technology.

According to the blogger, due to the increase in the temperature of the cooling mechanism and the expected decrease in operating frequency as a result, the new Apple could not support the nominally declared frequency of 2.9 Hz. The new MacBook passed the exam with the launch of a heavy application in 39 minutes, but at the same time, the previous version of 2017 completed the task 4 minutes earlier. Interestingly, after cooling in the freezer, Apple's new flagship coped with a similar test in less than half an hour.

Lee particularly regrets that the processor in the new MacBook Pro is shipped unlocked, which gives him an optimal overclocking capability. According to Lee, the ill-conceived layout of the cooling system completely overrides this positive property. The blogger also explains that a decrease in frequency due to overheating during an intense load on the processor is considered a normal state for a computer, however, according to his personal conviction, this is unacceptable for the declared Apple flagship.

What does Apple think?

No official denials or explanations for the published review on behalf of the company have yet been released. According to MacRumors reviewers, it is unproductive to draw a final conclusion based on the test of one model with the launch of a single application. There is also a possibility that the problem is related to the specific laptop purchased.

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Author: Jake Pinkman