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Elon Musk fears that he will not live to see his dream come true


Eccentric entrepreneur Elon Musk has already become famous all over the world for his ambitious ideas. However, the billionaire always tries to turn them into real projects. So, Ilona Mask's rockets in the future should become a tourist transport in the vastness of space, delivering those who wish to Mars and the Moon. At the same time, the billionaire continues to entertain the world with loud statements and recently assessed his chances of surviving until the time when humanity begins to explore Mars.

The entrepreneur believes that he may not catch this moment during his lifetime. He voiced such a pessimistic forecast at the satellite industry exhibition Satellite 2020. According to Musk, the speed of technological progress and the development of innovations should accelerate even more, otherwise he will not be lucky enough to witness the colonization of the red planet during his lifetime.

Mars is getting closer

Back in the fall of 2019, the businessman claimed that his company Space had fully prepared the Starship for entering low-earth orbit and subsequent flight to Mars. According to the entrepreneur's calculations, at least ten unmanned flights into orbit were supposed to take place in 2020, then a test flight with a crew, but apparently the plans had to be adjusted.

For orbital flights, the Musk company began building the Starship, a reusable ship. Its body is made of stainless steel, the height is almost 50 meters, and when fully loaded, the device weighs 1400 tons. For a long flight, the spacecraft can accommodate a team of 100 cosmonauts and carry up to 100 tons of additional cargo. At the same time, Starship has all the parameters to withstand numerous overloads and temperature fluctuations. To launch it, a new Falcon is being developed - a rocket that can accommodate a different number of engines to perform specific tasks.


The entrepreneur shared his future goals on his Twitter pages. In the long term, SpaceX rockets will fly into orbit about three times a day. In theory, each year one rocket will make about 1000 flights and deliver about 100 thousand tons of cargo to its destination. At the same time, a thousand spaceships will be able to take about 100,000 people to Mars.

With the same enthusiasm, Elon Musk plans to organize tourist flights to the moon using the same ship. So far, his idea meets only with criticism from NASA and other specialists in the space industry. Experts do not forget to remind the entrepreneur how several times, due to problems that arose, he had to postpone the launch of the manned Dragon spacecraft to the ISS, which was supposed to deliver the crew there.

What will be Mars, or Elon Musk's dreams

The businessman considers Mars to be the most optimal base for the beginning of human exploration of space and future life in its vastness. At the same time, Elon Musk's missiles should become a technical component of this process. According to the founder of SpaceX, the red planet, with its characteristic features, is best suited for this. So, in the distant past, Mars had many similarities with the Earth, in its depths there were preserved reserves of water and the most important substances for the atmosphere. In addition, the currently available chemical structure of the atmosphere of Mars, under certain conditions, can already be used for plant reproduction.


Musk is confident that the future colony on Mars will function as a fully autonomous system. Its vital activity and further development will become possible without the participation of the Earth. The entrepreneur believes that the first city on Mars will be able to survive even if all contacts with Earth cease and ships stop arriving from there.

According to the entrepreneur, Mars will become a truly democratic planet, any decisions will be made only by its inhabitants. There are few laws needed, while they should become more transparent and simpler than earthly ones. In the dreams of an entrepreneur, the first "Martians" will be able to settle in houses in areas framed by glass domes, where they can stay without protective equipment. The businessman also considered the food issue - products can be grown indoors or on special underground farms.

According to the updated plans, which can be seen on the SpaceX website, the first mission to Mars with an unmanned rocket will take place closer to 2022. Then, at the second stage, a flight with a crew is planned. This will happen around 2024. Elon Musk does not lose hope that by 2050 his company will be able to bring a million people to Mars, but he fears that he will no longer be able to see it in person.

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