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Doom Eternal's Best Easter Eggs and Secrets - Pistol, Encrypted Message, Prey 2


The Doom series, with all the external brutality and seriousness, is not devoid of a healthy dose of self-irony and secrets left by the developers for especially inquisitive gamers. Of course, a similar fate has not spared the recently released sequel to the legendary shooter, which is always ready to offer several secrets for exploring the game world. Finding all of them is not an easy task, so today we decided to tell you about the most interesting and, in our opinion, the best Easter eggs and secrets of Doom Eternal.

Rabbit Daisy

Each superhero has its own weaknesses. For example, Superman has kryptonite, and the fearless Doom Slayer has a tame rabbit Daisy, for whom he burns with warm feelings. Yes, even to the thunder of hellish fiends, something human is not alien. If we talk about the history of Daisy the rabbit in Doom, then the first appearance of the animal dates back to 1995 along with the appearance of Ultimate Doom, and in the new game Daisy can be met twice.

For the first time in the Citadel of Doom, where we see a beautiful portrait of our hero along with a cute rabbit. If you look around the room, you can additionally notice an empty cage and animal food.

Doom Eternal's Best Easter Eggs and Secrets

For the second time, Daisy can be met live on the mission Exultus. What did the rabbit forget, why the demons do not know about him and the Doom Executioner is not eager to save him? So many questions and so few answers ...

Doom Eternal's best easter eggs and secrets

Greetings from Flynn Taggart

Many secrets in Doom Eternal, let's speak frankly, lie almost on the surface and you have to try very hard not to notice at least some of them. However, there are also such secrets, the finding of which is either a miracle, or an accident, or someone's extreme degree of meticulousness, or even all factors combined. After all, how else can you relate to the secret message found the other day, encrypted in the noise of the audio cassette that comes with the Doom Eternal Collector's Edition.

Doom Eternal's Best Easter Eggs and Secrets

Using the spectrogram of the music, it was possible to find out that the expression 19 Flynn Taggart 93 is hidden in it and this is an obvious reference to the release date of the original Doom (1993) and to the real name of the Doom Slayer - Flynn Taggart.

Legendary Dopefish

The popular Dopefish easter egg or, among the people, "Stoned Fish" is probably familiar to many experienced gamers, because after its appearance in Commander Keen 4, developed by none other than one of the creators of Id Software, Tom Hall, the fish began to wait for gamers in a variety of games , including the Quike and Doom 3 series. Therefore, it is not surprising that among all the secrets and easter eggs of Doom Eternal, the developers paid particular attention to the Stubborn Fish.

Doom Eternal's Best Easter Eggs and Secrets

Dopefish can be found at least three times in the new Doom (suspended by a chain, frozen in the ice and on the altar pedestal) if you dare to carefully explore all the hidden nooks and crannies of locations.

Commander Keen is still remembered

The creators of Doom undoubtedly honor their legacy, and if we have already touched on the topic of Commander Keen and, in combination, the first game developed by Id Software, then we will mention another reference to the classic platformer. If you've already started playing the new Doom, then you know that among the various collectibles in Doom Eternal you can find records with music tracks. Of course, many of the collectible LP covers deserve a separate review, but the one that shows the art from Commander Keen is the most memorable for us.

Doom Eternal's Best Easter Eggs and Secrets

Gaming Library

Doomsler's private room on the Citadel of Doom is a real treasure trove of Easter eggs and secrets that are waiting for you to find and decipher them all. Most notable, however, is a bookcase with a huge number of references to both real-life literature like The Fifty Shades of Slay, The Great Gutsby and Slayenstein, and video games. Moreover, there are extremely interesting copies, for example, a book titled 2 Pray or Not 2 Prey, which may be a teaser for the announcement of Prey 2. Given a single publisher for Arkane and Id Software, the theory makes sense.

Doom Eternal's Best Easter Eggs and Secrets

Among other books referring to the topic of video games, we note such masterpieces as:

  • Why I'm So Great Pt. II by Dork Norkem (A reference to Duke Nukem)
  • Mesa Science Monthly: Predicting Unforeseen Consequences (Half-Life Reference)
  • Von Braun: Onboard AI System Technical Manual (Reference to System Shock 2)


The T-800 terminator has several similarities with the Doom Executioner: they are both brutal, laconic, save the world and can effectively die in lava. The canonical death with a raised thumb was also encountered in Doom 2016, but there the player immediately died when he touched the red-hot magma. In Doom Eternal, the hero either acquired more durable armor, or he himself became more tenacious, or the developers managed to change their minds in time, but it became much more difficult to die from lava. But the animation of death a la "Terminator 2" has not changed much. Which, however, is for the best, because the classics are eternal.

Doom Eternal's Best Easter Eggs and Secrets

3 games for the price of one

If you didn't manage to grab the bonus in the face of the classic Doom 64 for pre-ordering Doom Eternal, then you still have the opportunity to launch classic games of the series on new systems without dancing with a tambourine. More precisely, there are as many as 2 games - Doom and Doom 2. You can play them in the Doomsler's room using an outdated computer.

Doom Eternal's Best Easter Eggs and Secrets

On the monitor, you will see two applications to which access is blocked. The first can be unlocked by completing the Doom Eternal walkthrough and finding 14 hidden floppy disks. As a reward - the full version of the original Doom right inside the game. To activate the second application, you will need to enter the password for the computer in DOOM, consisting of twelve characters - the already familiar name of the main character - FLYNN TAGGART, after which the classic version of the legendary Doom II is at your service.

Secret Weapon

The pistol in Doom 2016 was an ambiguous weapon - slow, weak, and somehow did not fit in size compared to other deadly Doomleer's toys. Therefore, it is expected that in the sequel they decided to completely abandon the pistol ... or not? YouTuber SliceyMcBreadmaker used the Cheat Engine program and created a special table for it and was able to access the developer console.

As you might guess, it keeps many secrets, but at the moment the most interesting one is revealed when you enter the command "g_enablepistol 1", with which you can get a pistol. Unlike similar weapons in the previous game, the pistol in Doom Eternal uses .50 caliber rounds and has a modified appearance. We have two options: either the weapon was cut at the last moment before release, or we will see it in the fresh DLC.

Classic design

And finally, we note an interesting observation, the whole Doom Eternal is an easter egg to the first parts of the series. Unlike the restarts of 2003 and 2016, Eternal feels like a return to basics and it's not about a repetition of the plot with an attack on Earth, but about a design that can cause a mean male tears from a seasoned Doom fan.

Doom Eternal's Best Easter Eggs and Secrets

Many elements of the game, including the design of first aid kits, flasks with lives, ammo and amplifiers, lovingly repeat the appearance of items from Doom II. But most importantly, the appearance of the monsters clearly follows the classic design - I would especially like to note the well-recognized images of zombie infantrymen with green hair and a cyberdemon, which, adjusted for modern technology, looks exactly the same as in the bearded 1994th.

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