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Will Universal restart Doom again?

Image The epidemic of remakes and reboots continues to rage in Hollywood. It is rumored on the web that Universal is preparing a new adaptation of the famous Doom shooter series.

The history of the franchise dates back to 1993, when id Software released an exciting game about a space marine who fought demons from Hell. Since then, the Doom universe has been overgrown with sequels, comics, board games and other geek attributes.

Doom heroes made their film debut in 2005. Fantastic action movie Andrzej Bartkowiak received a sad 19% "freshness" on Rotten Tomatoes and was a crushing flop at the box office, earning $ 56 million on a $ 60 million budget. Last year, Universal released a reboot, Doom: Annihilation. The first trailer for the film came out so terrible that id Software disowned the project. As a result, Tony Giglio's tape went straight to the video.


A couple of weeks ago, id Software started selling Doom Eternal. The new part of the shooter earned high reviews in the press and became a hit on the Steam service. Unsurprisingly, Universal is considering rebooting the film series. Rumor has it that the studio has already decided on the leading actor. If Dwayne Johnson roamed about the Martian colony in the original Doom, now his wrestling buddy John Cena (Bumblebee) will go to the Red Planet.


Universal officials refrain from commenting.

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