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Bethesda has announced a relaunch of DOOM


Studio Bethesda has announced the relaunch of the famous first-person shooter "DOOM". As a "seed" was shown a three-second video that captured a fragment of the gameplay.

More details about the relaunch of the iconic game will be announced at a special presentation that will take place during the E3 exhibition, starting on June 14, 2015. Note that the existence of a project called "DOOM 4" was first announced in February 2014, but later the studio abandoned it, deciding to completely restart it. "The early version of DOOM 4 did not meet the quality standards that Bethesda and id Software can expect and what fans of the game can expect," said Bethesda CEO Peter Hines at the time.

Recall that "DOOM", the first version of which was presented to users in 1993, is one of the key games not only of its genre, but of the entire industry. She defined the schemes and logic for creating shooters for many years to come. The gameplay and storyline were extremely simple. The player was asked to alternately go through various levels, destroying monsters on the way and solving simple spatial tasks. In conclusion, there was a fight with one of the bosses.

"DOOM" was based on a pseudo-3D engine, extremely primitive by today's standards, but very progressive for its time.

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Author: Jake Pinkman