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Bethesda Promises Wolfenstein III


Bethesda has pioneered work on the third game in the "Wolfenstein" series. The senior vice president of the company for global marketing and communications spoke about this in an interview with GameCentral. "This is absolutely certain, we are doing" Wolfenstein III ", - he commented.

Note that previously a representative of the MachineGames studio, which produces games in this series, claimed that the next part will be significantly different from the previous ones. clarified what he meant, only stressed that the genre will remain unchanged. “We are a studio specializing in first-person shooters. This is one of our key features. Whatever we do, even if we do Tetris 2, it will also be a first-person shooter, "he said.

Recall that a previous episode titled "Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus" was introduced to fans of the genre in 2017. The project received high marks from players and professional critics and was awarded a number of prestigious awards, including the main independent Runet award - KinoNews 2018 in the nomination "best computer game".

At the beginning of 2018 it became known that the main character The Wolfenstein series William Joseph "BJ" Blaskowitz is the direct ancestor of Doom Guy.

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