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An Honest Apple Watch Series 4 Review


This new product from Apple has a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, which allow you to record the fall of their owner and the trajectory of his hand.

If a smart gadget detects signs of a fall, information will appear on the screen. In the absence of any activity on the part of the user for 1 minute, the incident is reported to the 911 service. The location of the owner of the watch is also transmitted.

To prevent accidental transmission of the above information, the system emits sound signals that begin to disturb the owner of the watch 45 seconds after the fall.

There is another interesting function that allows you to judge the high manufacturability of this mechanism. If the heart rate of the watch owner drops to 40 beats per minute for 10 minutes, they will also send an alert upon what is happening. On older versions, the system warned of too high a heart rate.

This feature, like many others, has been introduced since the last watchOS 5 update.


What's New

Thanks to the latest firmware, there is another updated feature. The watch will now help to obtain its owner's ECG data. At the same time, the time and strength of the heart's electrical shocks are measured and analyzed.

You can activate this program by placing your finger on the digital crown made of sapphire glass. It must be held in place for at least 30 seconds. During this time, the heart rate is classified as sinus (normal) or fibrillar (irregular, abnormal).

Many people are wondering how stable and true will the new applications work in Apple Watch Series 4? Will there be false positives and what is their estimated frequency? The manufacturer has not yet clarified anything on this matter.

By the way, all the information about the user's health status received by the gadget is sent to the Health app on the iPhone. Later, you can share it with your doctor for review.

More about functionality

All of the above functions are important, but potential owners of such devices expect from them additions to pre-existing applications: monitoring fitness workouts, making purchases through Apple Pay, viewing notifications.

The device has a more user-friendly interface. The possibilities for functionality have increased, you can use the entire screen area. The case can be 40 mm or 44 mm. At the same time, there are characteristic changes that make it easier for the elderly to work with the device. For this, the buttons were made larger, and the text font was increased.

The sound of the speaker has become better, its sound is louder. This is important as there is an interesting Walkie-Talkie voice application that came with the last update.

For sports fans, there is an additional opportunity related to training monitoring. It allows you to plan their mode individually, depending on the functional state of the watch owner.

Thanks to research by Apple, several types of new watch faces have been developed. One of them is Infograph.


There are eight types of watch faces. The user can install any theme he likes on the screen. This could be, for example, a sports theme or a watch face that will display weather data or air quality information.

The new gadget is worn on the arm. For this, straps are provided. Manufacturers allow both original and third-party products that were produced by other companies.

The quality of cellular communication, according to the owners of Apple Watch Series 4, remained at its best. True, it is worth making a reservation about the small amount of time that has passed since the release of the novelty. Its past versions had some minor problems at the beginning of its activity. The firm guarantees the elimination of all problems in this direction.

Now it is clear that the main field of operation of this watch from Apple is taking care of the health of its users.

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