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Apple has an updated watch with an always on screen


At the September presentation, the world famous "apple" corporation, in addition to the long-awaited series of new iPhones, showed other novelties. One of them is Apple's new generation smart watch - Watch Series 5. Externally, the smart watch is identical to the previous Series 4, at the same time, all changes have affected their technical parameters.

The key innovation of the watch is the updated Retina display, complemented by the Always On option. Its name speaks for itself - with this function, the display always remains active. Unlike previous models, where the screen is activated by a button, touch or turn of the hand, the new model has it always on. At the same time, according to the manufacturer, this does not affect its active work time in any way - on one charge the watch should work for 18 hours, as before.

The Always On option is not an innovation in the world of electronics. So, a couple of years ago it appeared in Samsung smartphones. However, Apple redesigned it a lot before adding it to the 2019 Apple Watch Series . The display of the new smart watch has new power, brightness and light sensor management systems. The moment the user is not looking at the screen, its brightness, as well as the refresh rate, decrease.


Regarding the software component, the Apple Watch received the watchOS 6 shell. Among its functions, there is an updated application that monitors the parameters of the physical condition, the "Noise" option, which measures its level in the surrounding space and warns of exceeding the limit level. In addition, the watch has updated navigation and geolocation applications.

A security feature added to Apple's smartwatch allows you to call emergency services. The option is distributed in 150 countries. In addition, the function of monitoring the state of the user can detect his fall. So, if the watch detects that a person has fallen and is motionless for 60 seconds, the gadget will automatically dial the emergency phone number.


Apple released the Watch Series 5 in aluminum and steel cases. The shades of colors for them are identical: options are presented in gold, dark gray and silver shades. There is also a titanium version, and for fans of unusual solutions, the manufacturer has prepared a Series 5 version in a white ceramic case.

The manufacturer estimated the cost of the GPS-model at $ 400 , and with the LTE-modem - $ 500 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman