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Review Lenovo Watch 9 - Chinese watch with smart features and mechanical filling


In 2018, the Chinese corporation Lenovo showed the Watch 9 device with smart functionality and the appearance of a mechanical watch. The designers have combined the design of silicone straps with the classic design of the case so that the device harmoniously complements all kinds of wardrobes.

Case design

Improving the wear resistance of the stainless steel case, the manufacturer treated the surfaces with sand using ionic coating technology and equipped the upper part with sapphire glass, the strength of which was marked by the testers with the designation 9H. Thanks to the sealed connection of the parts, the water resistance of Lenovo Watch 9 meets the international WR50 standard.

These features preserve the integrity of the gadget that has fallen from a height of one and a half meters and allow the owner to go diving, using the intellectual capabilities of a chronometer weighing 50 grams and 11.2 millimeters thick for 60 minutes. A progress bar is found in the lower area of the dial, protected by a durable sapphire crystal.

The movement of the hands is controlled by a mechanism from the Citizen corporation, and the capabilities inherent in smart watches are provided by Nordic. In order for the user to freely recognize the time at nightfall, the hands and markers are treated with a luminescent substance. At the twelve o'clock position, an LED indicator is found that blinks red when notifications are received from the smartphone.

Smart Features

To practically realize the capabilities of Lenovo Watch 9, it is recommended to download a mobile application to your phone that supports all models of smart watches from a Chinese manufacturer. After its installation and configuration, a chronometer is connected to the portable device via Bluetooth, and information about the user's activity is automatically entered into a new operation log. The running program window shows several tabs:

  • Sleep - information about the duration of sleep is accumulated, a graph of the owner's activity and relaxation is formed.
  • Today - information is collected during waking hours. Here the user views the number of steps taken and calories consumed. The activity bar displays information about your aerobics and other sports activities.
  • Heart rate - allows you to determine the number of heart beats in one minute.

Chinese-made smartwatches track the distance traveled, calories used by the human body and sleep quality. If you enable the corresponding option in the mobile application, shaking the device will launch the phone camera. Also, the device in question signals with three short-term vibrations about the receipt of notifications from Skype, Facebook, Twitter and other supported smartphone programs.

Smartphone sync

To synchronize the time with a mobile gadget, the "Arrow correction" item opens in the application options. When the software asks to indicate the time displayed by the clock, you must enter the appropriate parameters and confirm the choice.

After the performed actions, the arrows begin to move and the device independently sets the time. Lenovo Watch 9 is capable of turning the hands mostly forward, so it is recommended to wait until the actual time exceeds the value shown by it.


If the time displayed by the chronometer exceeds the number of hours, minutes and seconds shown by the phone, the owner has to wait for the hands to complete a circle. A short single press of the physical button of the Lenovo Watch 9 helps you learn the steps you have taken from the target specified in the program options.

Here the second hand stops at the division, which corresponds to the percentage of steps taken by the owner. A long press of the key can activate the Bluetooth module, and a short double press can start a search for a smartphone.

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