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Reissue of Nier Replicant, possibly another remake of RE, revised by Artifact - game news digest # 1.04


Also in in-game news: Half Life: Alyx is already launching without VR, Star Citizen's colossal money, Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord's successful launch, Dragon's Lairs TV series.

Square Enix announced the reissue of Nier Replicant

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of the first Nier, Square Enix announced a re-release of the first game for PC, Xone and PS4. They will also release a mobile spin-off for Android and IOS - NieR Re [in] carnation.

According to the head of the Nier series Yoko Taro, this is not a remake or a re-release, but an amended original. The full name of the Japanese exclusive NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 ... The Toyologic studio is working on the game together with Taro, Takahashi Taura - the chief game designer of Nier: Automata from Platinum Games and the game producer Yosuke Saito.

The updated version of the game will include full voice acting and re-recorded music, with several new tracks, as well as new characters, story elements and possibly new endings.

NieR Re [in] carnation is known to be a shareware mobile game from Applibot.

The timing of both projects has yet to be revealed, but the games are expected to be released in 2020.

The studio that helped Capcom with RE3 is working on a larger remake

RE 3 Remake Capcom was aided by M-Two ink, founded by former Platinum Games CEO Tatsuya Miname. According to sources from the Video Game Chronicle, they are working on a new remake for Capcom as the main developer.

This remake is even larger than Resident Evil 3. As an insider AestheticGamer reports, this is definitely not Resident Evil: Code Veronica and definitely not Dino Crisis, and the game is scheduled for release in 2020 if the developers' plans do not change. AestheticGamer promises to share new news with us in a couple of months.


He also recalled that in 2021 a new Resident Evil should be released, which has been in development since 2016, but has been relaunched. However, he says that it will be a significant risk, since it departs from many of the canons of the series. The release will take place on both the new generation of consoles and the old one, and the announcement will be coming soon. Read more about rumors and theories about Resident Evil 8 in our separate article.


Valve wants to restart Artifact

The history of Artifact is one of those that can begin with the phrase "There is no story sadder in the world ...". However, Valve intends to relaunch the project with many improvements and the Artifact 2.0 beta test is coming soon.


Of the improvements, we are offered a farther view so that players can see all three lines. Plus all the effects will be applied to the split lines. The game also promises to be friendly to new players, and newcomers will not come across players with strong decks, since the studio does not intend to sell strong cards.

New maps will be opened during the game, plus the old ones will be reworked, and some will even be removed.

Alas, the game will still not do without donation, but so far without specifics.

Half Life: Alyx unlinked from VR

Last week, a Valve spokesperson only spoke of the studio's confidence that enthusiasts will be able to detach Alyx from VR, as it did a few days later.

A flat version of the game was shown on his stream by the author of the Valve News Network, Tyler McVicker. He found a mode for developers in the game and with the help of it he was able to detach the game from the helmet, and transfer control to the "keyboard mouse", putting Alex's hands on the screen.


And to do this by modder standards is not so difficult, so we will wait for improved versions of the game for mere mortals to appear. But who will like this is another question.

Star Citizen's budget reaches 340 million

Not so long ago, a new investment stream of money in the amount of $ 17.25 million poured into the studio of developers of Cloud Imperium Games, as the studio itself reported on its corporate blog. The investors are Calder Family Office, Snoot Entertainment and ITG Investment. Previously, they already gave the studio money in 2018 in the amount of 46 million.


Overall, Star Citizen's budget is now 340 million and is on the list of the three most expensive games on a par with GTA V and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. And the further into the forest, the more it all looks like a simple deception ...

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Early Access gets off to a good start

March 30, Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord went into Early Access on Steam and immediately set the record for the number of players online at the same time. The game hit the top steam and is now in sixth place in the top with 178,562 players online at the time of writing.

She even surpassed the total number of players in Doom Eternal, which peaked at 104 thousand online users simultaneously. So it became the most successful launch of 2020 on the Valve site.

A story campaign is now available in the game, multiplayer, but if you want to fully explore all aspects of the game, you better wait for the release next year. The developers have warned that there will be bugs in the game, and they themselves continue to develop it.

Dragon's Lair will receive a Netflix adaptation by Ryan Reynolds

Dragon's Lair is an old cartoon arcade game based on QTE, in which we save a princess as a knight. The adaptation of this game has piqued the interest of Netflix, who want to give the project to actor Ryan Reynolds.


The actor must play one of the roles, as well as produce. We are not expecting a cartoon, but a live action.

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