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7 games for those waiting for Death Stranding


If you are a) a PC boyar, and b) a fan of Kojima, then you are probably waiting for the release of Death Stranding on PC. Alas, while all PS4 owners are playing the brainchild of Kojima Production, PC players can only dodge spoilers like Neo does bullets. However, if you suddenly have nothing to play at the moment, we have collected for you 7 games similar to Death Stranding, so that you can satisfy your hunger a little and know what awaits you.

American Truck Simulator

Death Stranding is a game about how you transport packages on your own. American Truck Simulator is a game where you do the same thing, but on a car and on a large scale. In addition, both of these games are linked by the romantic idea of crossing all of America, and besides, this is a game about the USA made anywhere but in America.


Seriously or jokingly, it was with American Truck Simulator that reviewers used to compare Death Stranding. Only it has an atmosphere of country music and a long trip ahead. For a greater immersion of the domestic audience, it is proposed to include the very song from the "Truckers" series, if you know what I mean. If you are amazed at the mechanics of how Sam always stumbles or prepares for a sortie, then American Truck Simulator is such a good bulk.

However, even American Truck Simulator I would call a game very specific, so let's move on to games like Death Stranding, which you are more likely to play.

Nier Automata

Yoko Taro is like Kojima, he creates bold and sometimes seemingly meaningless stories with his own unique style. And Nier could very well be a fantasy epic about androids fighting over the shattered remains of Earth. This game, like Death Stranding, experiments with different concepts and genres, moving from one hero to another, turning into a third-person action or a side-scrolling shooter, constantly opening up to you.


And like Death Stranding, under all the pathos, scale and global apocalypse, there is a deeply human story that is not afraid to touch upon serious issues. You may not always like the answer, but Nier: Automata gives it.


We mentioned this game in our article about diegetic mechanics. And let's say right away, this game is based on a detailed journey by car. Imagine turning the mechanics of how you prepare for your journey through the wasteland of Death Stranding into one game, which is Jalopy, a game about a long trip on a wreck.


You are preparing for the trip: you put spare tires, a jack, a can of gasoline, a set of tools in the trunk, but do not forget about the goods that you have to sell in the next city. However, no matter how well you prepare, you will face a lot of problems along the way.

However, collecting inventory is not a Tetris game. In both projects, the worst thing you can do is try to bring everything. A car that is too loaded will make it unable to drive in the end, and will force you to either throw out half of all the useful that you have loaded, or push the car yourself.

Although Sam does not run on gas, the principle is the same. Too much loading prevents you from going down steep slopes or losing your balance in the river. Jalopy teaches you to be discerning and decisive when packing, not preparing yourself for disaster.


Now imagine that all complex mechanics of preparation and monotonous walking have been removed from Death Stranding, leaving only melancholy and beautiful landscapes - and you will get Journey. Although, given that the game came out earlier than Kojima's brainchild, you need to say the opposite. And in fact, it was in Journey and a little later in Dark Souls that asymmetric multiplayer appeared, from which the multiplayer component of Death Stranding later grew.


Journey is even less specific, everything is abstract, figurative and so ambiguous that there is still no specific exact theory of what the Journey story is about on the Internet. In general, we, playing for a certain red creature, make a long journey through the desert in order to get to the top of the mountain. And in concept this is the closest work to Death Stranding. We will meet ghosts, strange otherworldly enemies, as well as a hint that a huge number of other people are walking with us.

Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain

There is nothing better than waiting for a new game from Kojima while playing an old game from Kojima. If you haven't played Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain yet, it's like Death Stranding with more action and 50% less metaphors.


Despite the fact that the second act of the game looks like an unfinished bacchanalia, this is one of the main stealth games of our time. In this case, you can go through the game, killing everyone and everything, breaking into the main gate of the enemy base like Rambo. However, you can go through it the old fashioned way. Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain doesn't hold you back, but gives you 60+ hours of story and gameplay. You also don't need to play past games in the series to fully understand what's going on here.

Dirt Rally

Here you can play as in the original rally simulator, or in a more recent and expensive sequel. Both games put you behind the wheel of a realistic car, and require you to monitor how weight is transferred while driving. The slopes are steep and full of surprises, such as snow or ditches. However, slowing down right at every turn is not an option as you need to keep up with your opponents. The key to a successful ride is to shift the weight of the car in a way that is beneficial to you, using cornering and braking.


The same applies to Death Stranding. Sudden turns can be seductive, but sometimes.

In a way, Death Stranding is less demanding than Dirt Rally. However, if analysis of the situation is yours - then go ahead.

These games, similar to Death Stranding, represent the mechanics of the game in different ways, but each of them is of different interest. Either way, the real delight is summer 2020 when Death Stranding hits PC.

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Author: Jake Pinkman