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After the first three trailers of Death Stranding


After the first three trailers of Death Stranding, the gameplay concept and plot of Hideo Kojima's new game are still completely incomprehensible. Fans of the famous game designer decided to learn more about the game from Mads Mikkelsen, who played one of the central characters in the game. Mads declined to comment extensively, but noted that "the game will blow your mind and no one in the world has done this before." In addition, Mads noted that he can't wait to play Death Stranding.

Note that at the beginning of his collaboration with Hideo Kojima, Mads Mikkelsen admitted that he was not at all interested in video games. He is a man from another generation, for whom computer entertainment is an incomprehensible curiosity. As you can see, after several years of working with Kojima, the Norwegian actor completely changed his own mind.

And if you are waiting for other, more informative details of Death Stranding, then we recommend that you often look at the game designer's Twitter and Instagram account. It is on social networks that Hideo Kojima most often shares news on the game. For example, the famous American comedian Conan O'Brian was recently spotted at Kojima Productions. The post was posted on both Kojima's page and Konan's, who confirmed something "super-secret with Hideo Kojima".

And one more important point. On Twitter, Hideo Kojima posted a post with the telling headline "Shooting" and a set of emojis that the eminent Japanese inserted into each new Death Stranding trailer. Many fans believe that in this way Hideo Kojima is teasing a new video for the game, which will be presented at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2018, starting on September 20. Note that the pre-TGS presentation of the PlayStation LineUp Tour will take place today.

Death Stranding release date remains unknown. The project is announced for release exclusively on the PlayStation 4. You can learn more about the game from our other materials under the tag "Death Stranding".

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Author: Jake Pinkman