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The adaptation of Sleeping Dogs has gone into production

Image It seems that the Japanese corporation Square Enix is determined to help Hollywood studios remove the mysterious curse of popular video game adaptations. By the middle of next month, Warner Bros. will present to the public the blockbuster adventure "Tomb Raider: Lara Croft". Meanwhile, the Dream Factory is preparing a film based on another Square Enix game.

Following the brave traveler Lara Croft, the heroes of the action game Sleeping Dogs will go to the big screen. The 2012 film adaptation of the video game was announced last spring. Now the news came from Hollywood that she was finally ready to go to work.

Donnie Yen (“Ip Man”, “Rogue One. Star Wars: Stories”) shared the news with fans of the cinema and gaming industry, who will embody the image of Hong Kong policeman Wei Shen, who infiltrated a powerful criminal syndicate. “The adaptation of Sleeping Dogs has been launched,” the martial artist admitted on his instagram.


At one time, "Sleeping Dogs" received good reviews in the press, but could not fully meet the financial expectations of the bosses of Square Enix. As a result, the company even had to curtail work on the spin-off of its action game - Triad Wars. Nevertheless, the management of the Japanese corporation still sees solid potential in the Sleeping Dogs brand.


The production of the film will be handled by the California studio Original Film, which has gained solid experience in creating spectacular action films thanks to the XXX and Fast and Furious franchises. The crime thriller will be produced by Neil H. Moritz (Escape, Happy!).

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Author: Jake Pinkman