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New gameplay Half Life: Alyx, Kojima hints at Silent Hill, FFVII Remake demo - game news digest # 3.01. Part one


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Four new Half Life: Alyx gameplay cutscenes

Half Life: Alyx is only a few weeks away from release. Valve has posted at once three different style of passing gameplay videos. Plus, an additional video was released by IGN, which will share exclusive information about the game during March. There are three ways to move in Alyx: move, teleport, or shift. All of them are demonstrated in the gameplay.

As a reminder, the game will be released on March 23rd.

Fans are sure Kojima is hinting at a new Silent Hill

There are many rumors circulating around the net that Kojima and his studio are working on Silent Hill. Fan belief in this has been strengthened recently with the latest tweet from Kojima Productions.


The photo shows the community manager Aki Saito, who speaks on the phone and writes something down in his notebook. The post itself says: “Sorry for the silence! I've been really busy ... soon I will be able to talk about what we do. ”

And then the fan theory was born, as fans of Kodizma and Silent Hill caught on to the word "Silent" in the tweet, and the word "pyramid" depicted on Saito's pencil. In his notebook, he writes "Next week". Therefore, we will wait for news in the near future.


Also a hint of a new game was a tweet from the artist who came up with Pyramid Head for the second part of the franchise, Masahiro Ito. On his Twitter, he posted a message: "This tweet means that I have nothing to say, if everything is ok, then I will not need to post anything tomorrow." After a while, he made another tweet: "Pyramid Head RIP".

In January, Ito also said that he was working on a certain project, where he took one of the important roles and hoped that nothing bad would happen.

Recall that earlier there were rumors that Kojima and Konami have forged a relationship and are preparing to release a new Silent Hill. It was also revealed that Konami is looking for ways to revive the franchise. But for sure we know that we are waiting for a new film in the universe of the game from the director of the very first film adaptation.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Available

Unexpectedly, without further ado, Square Enix released the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo on the PS Store.


The first chapter is available for passing there, where the heroes undermine the Mako Reactor 1. The save, alas, cannot be transferred later to the game itself, and all the loot that you get may be different or absent.


Those who try out the demo before May 11 will receive a unique PS4 theme on the day the first part of the remake is released. Recall that the game will be released on April 10 on the Sony console.

Marvel Announces Future Revolution - Online RPG for Mobile

At PAX East, South Korean studio Netmarble, in collaboration with Marvel, announced the release of the free-to-play RPG for mobile Future Revolution.

The game will take place after the Convergence, which has united parallel dimensions. We will have access to many famous heroes for the game. A moment with parallel universes will allow you to present the same superheroes in different roles, as well as show us different locations.

Previously, Netmarble created an action RPG for mobile Marvel: Future Fight.

The current game will be released on Android and IOS. No release date yet.

Bethesda didn't expect their Fallout 76 PvP to be so unpopular

US Gamer spoke with Pete Hayes, Marketing Manager at Bethesda. He said they were hoping for a different fan reaction to Fallout 76. For example, they didn't expect PvP to be so unpopular.


At launch, they planned to see how people would participate in duels, but were surprised that players are more interested in PvE. The studio believed that there would be a competitive spirit among the players, but as a result, the minimum number of people participated in the duels.

Hines also said Wastelanders won't be the last update for the game. Bethesda already has updates planned for all of 2020 and part of 2021.

Wastelanders will be updated on April 7.

Death Stranding PC Release Date


Kojima Productions have released Death Stranding's PC release date on July 2nd. In honor of this, a special Half Life bundle will appear in the game. Also, the developer shares information about the following features of the PC version of the game. So, in the PC version there will be a photo mode, support for ultra wide screens, improved framemate.


Plus, pre-order bonuses are available to play.

New Grounded Gameplay

Grounded stands out from the number of games from Obsidian, as it is a survival, not an RPG. PAX East now has a gameplay for the game, where you can see if the studio is on a slippery slope or not.

There is nothing in the gameplay that would not be in a regular survival game: base building, crafting, resource extraction. The main feature of the game is that the player is reduced to the size of an insect. However, soon they promise to share new interesting information about the game with us. Gamers on the net suggest this will be an Early Access release date.

At the start, as we know, only 20% of the storyline company, co-op, three biomes and a single player mode will be available. The game itself will have to go out of Early Access in 2021. The release will take place on PC on Steam and on XOne.

This was all news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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