Sony has postponed the presentation of PS5 games, and The Last of Us 2 is the most beautiful game of the generation - game news digest # 1.06. Part one (Topic)

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Sony has postponed the presentation of PS5 games, and The Last of Us 2 is the most beautiful game of the generation - game news digest # 1.06. Part one


Also in the news: Godfall teaser, Kojima called Death Stranding financially successful, Half Life 2 on Source 2, Ghost of Tsushima duration.

Sony has moved the presentation of games to PS5 due to rallies in the US

We have been waiting for a long time when we will finally be shown games for PS5, but apparently we will have to wait further, since PlayStation announced that they are postponing their event with games for nextgen from June 4 indefinitely. The reason for this was the rallies in the United States. According to the PlayStation account, they are happy to show us what they have, but they feel that this is not the best time to celebrate. The company wants the voices of those who really need to be heard are heard.


For the same reason, EA canceled the Madden NFL 21 airing, saying that they will talk about American football later, and now they want people to focus on the problems of the African American community.

Recall that on May 25, African American George Floyd was detained by the police for trying to pay off with a fake $ 20 bill. During the arrest, the policeman knocked Floyd to the ground and stomped on his neck with a knee, and held him in this position for 10 minutes. Floyd tried with all his might to say that he was suffocating, but he was not listened to and in the end he died. His death sparked massive protests against racism throughout the United States, which escalated into conflicts with the police.

Obviously, many other upcoming gaming events may be rescheduled for the same reason.

The Last of Us 2 was named the most beautiful game of the generation by Digital Foundry

Digital Foundry has already touched The Last of Us 2 and named it the most beautiful game of this generation.

They believe that with all the merits of the first part, that the original game, that its remaster looks a little toy. The second part looks much more realistic due to lighting, shadows, reflections and deep elaboration. In addition, the game feels amazing even where no sophisticated technology has been applied.

In most locations, the sun is the only light source, and its rays perfectly interact with detailed environments such as leaves and grass.

Also, Digital Foundry praises artificial intelligence, which behaves well in large open spaces. They say this about Ellie's enemies and allies.

Teaser for Godfall - slasher for the next generation of consoles

Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing have shared the first teaser for Godfall, a looter slasher for the next generation of consoles. In it we see one of the characters in the game.

One gets the impression that they teased the project specifically before a major demo at a special Sony event, which they rescheduled. Therefore, it is not known when the full presentation will take place. We have at least a teaser.

For now, we know about the project that it should be released later this year on PS5 and PC exclusively in the Epic Store.

Kojima called Death Stranding a commercially successful project

There were many rumors that Death Stranding turned out to be a financial failure due to its excessive realism. However, as it turned out, this is not the case. Hideo Kojima himself spoke about this in his interview with Livedoor News.


He said that the game has repaid its money and fully paid off, in addition, with the fact that it will soon be released on the PC, the studio expects to make even more profits and prepare for what lies ahead.

By this, he hinted that KojiPro is currently working on the next project, however, development is only at the planning stage, so it may still change. He also said he was upset that recently one major project they were working on fell apart. Hopefully, this isn't about Silent Hill, which has been rumored for a long time. Kojima also said that all rumors about Konami selling the rights to Metal Gear and PT are untrue.

Modder showed what Half Life 2 would look like on Source 2

After the release of Alyx, a crowd of modders pounced on her, as in the previous parts of the series. One of them, under the nickname Goutrial, demonstrated his mod, which shows what Half Life 2 would look like on the Alyx engine.

In fact, he shoveled Half-Life Alyx to make it look like the second game with its shooter component, but without a virtual reality helmet. In his work, he also used other modifications from folk craftsmen like him.

However, Goutrial says that this is just a visual demonstration and nothing more. The Valve project is still worth playing in VR.

Duration, Enemies and Weather - New Details for Ghost of Tsushima

After the last gameplay demo of Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch asked users to feel free to ask them questions on Twitter. The studio selected the most interesting and responded to them on the PlayStation blog, where they revealed new details about the game.

Ghost of Tsushima has a dynamic change of day and night, as well as the weather. In some individual cases, the weather can be specific to give an atmosphere to the region. Also, sometimes it will change according to the plot.


During his journey, Jin can sit down to play the flute. This skill has no practical application. The developers call this an opportunity to admire the beauty of the open world.

As for the duration of the game, it is enough, the quote "for a long time." According to the studio, many testers did not complete the game in full time.

Jin's Katana can be improved, both externally and in terms of characteristics. Alas, he does not know how to fence with one hand, so we will only fight in a certain style.

Some fans, after the demonstration, felt that the enemies were not strong enough and were behaving sluggishly. To this, the studio said that the gameplay was recorded by an experienced tester, and the character also had many skills that were not available at the start of the game. We shouldn't underestimate our enemies.


As far as hunting is concerned, it does not provide any particular advantages. However, valuable resources can be extracted from the bodies of strong animals.

In the gameplay video we saw boats, alas, you can't swim on them, they are not interactive.

This was all news from the beginning of the week, stay with us.

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