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What to see during the summer anime season? Part two


We continue our list of summer animes. Last time we told you about 10 awesome summer titles this year that you shouldn't miss. In part two, we'll look at a few more good summer anime series.


Last season we had two girls playing musical instruments. In the summer season, it will be guys. This is a story about a young man who does not know how to play at all, and his guitar is so-so. But he has something more than talent - a love of music. He meets a real professional who changes his life with his game. In general, the motives of a strong friendship with a touch of romance (where there is without it) and the story of how people create music from the heart.

When? July

Kanata no Astra

Cold cold space and schoolchildren. Okay, I'm exaggerating, of course. The year is 2063. Humanity has long begun to fly into space for tourism purposes. Nothing unusual, just space minibuses have appeared ... However, unpleasant incidents do happen during travel. Thus, a group of schoolchildren of nine people during a space trip to the camp get into a strange accident. A sphere appeared in front of them, which threw them thousands of light years from their planet, and during all this, the teacher disappeared without a trace. Now they need to survive on the ship as long as they can. We will have a twisted plot with twists, a little school romance, survival in the condition of running out of provisions and air and a long return home. Something interesting should come out of this.

When? July

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

Hibiki had everything top. She calmly lived an ordinary school life and did not take a steam bath, until one day a friend said: "Hibiki, you have become fat." As a result, she decides to rectify the situation and go to the gym. There she meets the head of the student council and now they will press together to swing and lose weight. Maybe from the outside it looks like something about sports, but it seems to me that we will have exaggerated humor and maximum exaggeration of what is happening. And I am sure that it will not do without simulated but clear pathos.

A comedy about bakery thighs - for now, this is how I am ready to describe this series.

When? July 3rd

Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator

This series is associated with Index of Magic. Consider this his spin-off about the Accelerator. He was in the hospital and didn't get into much trouble. But when he was discharged, he saved a certain Estelle Rosenthal. After that, he was dragged into a conflict, where a mysterious organization intends to use the Last Order to carry out a dangerous mission.

Accelerator will have to rake it all out, protect the Order and Academy City.

When? July 12

Enen no Shouboutai

12 years ago, Shinra Kusakabe's family mysteriously died in a fire. Since then, she has been left alone. A few years later, spontaneous spontaneous combustion of people began to occur in the world. For no reason, ordinary citizens become flaming torches and spread fires throughout the city. Such people were called infernals.

At first it was a real natural disaster. But after a while they began to evolve. Some infernals were able to regain their human form and at the same time are able to control the fire. Shinra became one of them. She joins the ranks of a special fire organization and, together with those like her, extinguishes fires that are arranged by non-evolving infernals. They are not only fighting fire, but trying to figure out how it all started. The answer to this riddle will also shed light on the death of the protagonist's family.

When? July 5

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

And of course, of course, how can we do without the next harem and the next one in the new season. These two genres have merged into one this summer anime season. However, despite the fact that I again complain about issekai, this title has a similar essence to "The Rising of the Shield Hero." Hajie and a handful of kids from school are teleported to an unfamiliar fantasy world - that's understandable. However, this is where the cliche ends. When everyone around is given out cool powers, our main character, like a nondescript otaku, who was constantly mocked by everyone, gets defective abilities.

Actually with these forces he will "ascend". Apparently, after the rather successful Rise of the Shield Hero I mentioned, this concept will become popular. I think next season I will describe something similar again. Although who knows, last time I spoke harshly about "The Sage's Apprentice", but it was not a bad anime. On the other hand, this title was supposed to be released last year, but due to production costs it was postponed and maybe everything is not so encouraging, and we are waiting for a series about an offended dude ...

When? July 14


This is a sequel to an anime inspired by classic Japanese RPG mechanics. According to the synopsis, Bell falls under the care of the family of a goddess named Hesti. One day he wanders through the dungeon and examines it. At this time, a minotaur attacks him, but he is saved by another goddess Ice. Well, our boy falls in love with her. However, he believes that he is not worthy of her and wants to become stronger. Getsy will help him in this. Anime is not particularly criticized, except for some harem elements, but praised for the music, plot and special effects. Well, the main characters are called attractive.

When? July

Yami Shibai 7

This is a horror almanac that tells a variety of ghost stories. There is nothing more to say. Unless it is worth clarifying that this anime is done using a traditional animation technique through paper figures.


When? July

Vinland Saga

I love anime historical adaptations. The Vinland Saga tells of the Vikings who landed on the shores of England in the middle of the eleventh century. Little boy Vinland witnesses his father being killed. He grows up and naturally wants to find the killer and win a fair fight. However, he turns out to be a very famous mercenary leader. GG joins this squad under his command and once challenges him, but loses. However, his revenge is unfinished and he will get his way.

When? July 7

Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo

This is an amateur TV series. Several girls get together and start a literary pornography club. Together they constantly discuss all sorts of vulgar fantasies. We are waiting for an interesting story about growing up and learning about sexuality through books. Something like that.

When? July 5

Sounan Desu ka?

If you loved watching "Survive Any Valuable" as a child, then this new summer title is for you. Four schoolgirls end up on a desert island after surviving a plane crash. Here they will try not to die. In general, this is a moe about survival, people, what could be better?

When? July 2

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