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TOP 8 best anime this summer


"Uraaaa!" - I thought after seeing the list of anime that was supposed to be released this summer. Am I really able to feel that very genuine and wonderful feeling that the winter anime season gave me. With the intrigue and suspense of The Promised Neverland, the coolness of Dorroro and the twisted plot of The Boogiepop! But no, almost, but not that. Cool, but not completely. Okay, we're not here to complain, but to determine the best anime this summer. What can I say, the summer anime season is over, the autumn season is beginning, and I am more and more convinced that there is less and less good anime, for this reason our resource will be the TOP 8 anime of the summer season instead of the classic ten, since there is nothing to choose from.

8. Do you love mommy, whose punches hit the area with double damage? / Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka?

I here dared to mention the phrase: "good anime" and after that I insert something similar? "And with those lips you kiss your mother?" - you will think. However, an attentive reader of our resource could have noticed that the attitude of our portal to Isekai is quite specific, because we are interested in what even deeper jungle this simultaneously hype, but at the same time annoying many, genre that continues to copy the hackneyed formula can get into. And just like that, Isekai "Another anime with a long light novel title, which will be recited to you, so you just call it: anime where a dude is in Isekai with his mother" is a great indicator of this trend.


It's simple - this is isekai, where a dude moves into an MMORPG with his mother in order to mend his relationship, as they are just terrible. In general, this is a government program. As you can see, the mix is absurd, but do we have the right to criticize something like that? Of course, yes, but still someone will find this concept interesting, so I put it in the top just for that.

7. Is it a disaster? / Sounan Desu ka?

This I could not even imagine - an anime that will teach you how to survive. And also with humor. In fact, I love anime with an educational note that is served unobtrusively. In this anime, four girls find themselves on an uninhabited island after a plane crash and begin to play out a new episode of "Survive at any cost" there.


And although there is a fanservice, the presence of which does not warm my soul at all, they are trying to show us interesting and effective methods of survival in practice, in the anime there is still, imagine, a plot. But do not expect anything great from the show, this is a typical season only for singing.

6. Cop Craft

But here everything is the other way around, because this is an anime where a fantasy character moves into our world, so it's technically the other way around ... yakeshi? In fact, Kopskoe Craft destroys expectations more than it justifies. After all, the very idea of mixing the fantasy world and the real, where they are trying to show it realistically, is certainly intriguing. We are shown the everyday life of two partners who deal with specific crimes, for example, the fairy trade.


And it seems that the anime has everything in place: art, action, blood, swearing and harsh plot twists, where the first episode begins with breaking a person's neck. But at times the plot sags. It's nice to watch the relationship between the main characters, because they are developing, and a lola with a sword, which is under a hundred - is already an anime classic and nothing can be done about it. It's just that at times the show can't seem to keep our attention. At least that was the case with me.

5. Given

And here we have an anime about a group of cute guys who compose cute music and everything is good in general. "Granted" is an enjoyable musical anime that I am always happy to release. After all, not everyone can make a high-quality musical anime.


In general, my interest in such things stretched out after "Carol and Tuesday", released last season. Alas, I did not get similar feelings and plot, but in general, choosing between all the scarcity of the summer anime season, more precisely, between all the disappointing titles, like the same "BEM" from which I expected more, I will put "Given" in this list

4. Aster, Lost in Space / Kanata no Astra

Now let's move on to real suitability. What do we have here? A genre of lost in space? Am I watching anime, and not a TV series or movie from the 80s and 90s? This is really a little off the beaten track, which means good. “Kanata no Astra” has many advantages, and one of the main ones is its presentation. Cool space ambient and stunning art quality, oh so good for a TV title.


And you know? Watching anime actively, you notice a bunch of tropes and cliches that get boring over time. That's why when you meet a series that you try to avoid them with all your might is good [alas, it doesn't always work out, but thanks for your efforts]. There are no mad elements or characters in Astra. All of them remain open, showing you some not bad detective drama in space scenery.

3. Flame Brigade of Firefighters / Enen no Shubutai

Wow, the smell of fried! The first time I saw the trailer for Flame Brigade, I thought, “Damn, this anime was supposed to come out in 2007! It looks like an anime from 2007, it feels exactly the same and yes, it's cool. And then you see that it comes from the creators of Soul Eater and is like, "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"


If there can still be controversy with past versions, but this is where I confidently declare that this is one of the best anime of this season, and we definitely need such an anime. However, the main positive side of "Enen no Shubutai" is its appearance. The series takes full advantage of the animation capabilities, creating such cool fire effects, as if it were not a dangerous element, but something thick and fluffy. Also, this is the case when your expectations are not met from a good point of view, because I was expecting a purebred senen, but I found a story where the main characters are trying to reveal, showing how what happened to the world influenced their lives and turned them into who they are.

2.Dr. Stone / Dr. Stone Stone

Oooh, this is the same amnesia from the hype manga, where the main character looks like Kachan, who was born in a world where Deku never existed. Remember, I was talking about my love for educational elements in anime - this is the same case, but only cooler. According to the plot, an apocalypse occurs in the world, and all people turn into statues.


The two main characters were able to survive and are trying to revive humanity. The concept of anime is that they try to create things that are too complex for the conditions in which they are. And it is very captivating to observe the manifestation of human genius and perseverance.

They just openly declare: "Hey, repeat after us, and you can get over nature, that's how cool we are."

1. The Vinland Saga

And by far the best anime of the summer season is Vinland Saga. And as soon as the anime was announced, we all knew it was going to be a risk. The original manga is one of the coolest in principle, if you make the TOP 100 best manga of all time, Vinland will definitely be in it. And the pasta monster is a witness, Wit Studio did it.


The authors of the anime carefully transfer the plot, while not forgetting about the gorgeous visuals that create the right atmosphere. It's hard to talk about the show in one small top. After all, nothing but "cool!" difficult to pick up. The first arc of this story is good and you can easily compete with the Berserker. In addition, everyone loves shades of dark fantasy, and often, such series always come out so interesting and exciting.

That the summer anime season is over, its ongoings are coming to an end and a new autumn season will begin in October.

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Author: Jake Pinkman