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10 great anime this summer


Many of the anime this summer are actually undercover spring anime. The fact is that the release of many of them was knocked down by the Covid 19 pandemic, and they will reach us only after some time in the summer anime season, and we will see some only in October. Even so, the summer 2020 anime promises to be interesting. We are waiting for both a bunch of sequels and many new titles that we will be able to touch soon. Here are 10 of the most anticipated anime this summer.

Ochikobore Fruit Tart

The girls living in the dorm are former idols. However, their home is under threat of demolition. They find themselves a new manager who creates with them a group of idols called "Fruit Pie" to make money and save the house. The anime is based on a manga with four arcs filled with jokes and funny moments of everyday life. Probably everything you need to know about this Ochikobore Fruit Tart is just a good anime about idols.


In Japan in 2030 there is an outbreak of the virus [hot, isn't it?] and turns people into monsters. The virus even got the name "Jib". Fortunately, two people from the Edo period end up in our time - the samurai Sensei Kanzaki and the ninja Kenroku Sanada, who kill monsters and help doctors find a cure. While Gibiate's premise may seem particularly bleak these days, character designer Yoshitaka Amano is the guarantor of the title's quality. Known for his work in the Final Fantasy series, Amano stands out from other designers for his intricate art style and unique designs. Both can be seen in the trailer.

Haikyuu !! To the Top: Part II

"Haikyuu !!" tells the story of a weak high school volleyball team making their way to the top. In fact, a classic sports story, but about volleyball. This is the last season to follow the team in the Japanese Volleyball Championship, where it will face some of the country's most elite schools. The series perfectly combines the personal and volleyball battles of the heroes with the complex relationships of the team as a whole. And of course, there are volleyball matches in which there is incredible animation. I would argue that she rivals some of the best combat scenes from the more action-oriented senen, and often has a nice parallel to the stories the characters go through.

The God Of High School

This is the original Crunchyroll anime based on a South Korean web manhwa. The story tells of Jin Mo-Ri, a martial artist who participates in a tournament called "High School God". Along with their own combat prowess, competitors use something called "Borrowed Power", mystical energy that comes from supernatural sources. All this suggests that there will be a lot of really cool fights in this series. I don't even know what else to add here.

Fire Force Season 2

The first season of Fire Force was a great and beautiful anime with an unusual set and intrigue. And if the first part intrigued, then in the second it is still heating up even more, no matter how punishing it sounds. The second season promises to reveal to us the past of the protagonist. Also in the second season, we will learn more about the mysterious Knights of the Ashfire. Fire Force's colorful animations will surely give us some amazing hours in front of the screen.


Did you miss an anime with a weird concept? Then here's a title about cute pony girls. The original series, Uma Musume Pretty Derby, was a decent 2018 anime. An interesting story about horses that gallop and follow their dreams. Umayon is a cute version of the anime that will focus more on the life stories of various characters. This is a short anime, so each episode will only last a couple of minutes. You can calmly watch him on work smoke breaks or at lunch, just to relax.

Japan Sinks

Upcoming 9-episode series from Masaaki Yusai, who is known for Night is Short, Walk on Girl, Devilman Crybaby, Ride Your Wave, and Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken. The anime is based on the bestselling novel of the same name about the 1973 disaster.

The original novel, which has sold 4.7 million copies, tells the story of scientists who discover that the Japanese archipelago will sink into the sea after a series of violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions hit the country.

The government is embarking on a huge project to move all people to foreign countries. It has been filmed 3 times already, since 1973.

Re: Zero 2

Subaru Natsuki unexpectedly moved to another world. Not knowing how he got here, Subaru befriended a gray-haired half-elf named Emilia. When he and the girl are mysteriously killed, Subaru wakes up and realizes that he was given the ability to go back in time before dying.

Re: Zero 2 is a sequel to Subaru's quest to rescue Emilia. Re: Zero is still on the hype, making it one of the most anticipated anime this summer. Largely due to the fact that the first season ended with a huge cliffhanger. For all the hatred of Isekay and the already overused theme, Re: Zero can be called a modern classic.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

This is a remake of the original anime "When the Cicadas Cry", which in turn is based on the visual novel of the same name. On the one hand, this is good news for fans of the original story, and on the other hand, the first question that arises is: "Why?" What's the point of making a remake of an already good and not so old anime?

For all the merits of the first title, a lot was cut out of it. This is a classic visual novel adaptation problem. And if there is a chance that we will see a more complex story, then that's a plus. And although the studio does not inspire confidence, the creator of the original is involved in the work. Therefore, we may see a lot of new things.

Great Pretender

Masato Edamura is probably Japan's greatest con artist. Together with his accomplice Kudo, he decides to turn a scam in Asakusa in order to deceive one rich Frenchman. In the end, they let him deceive themselves. After all, it turns out to be Roland Thierry, an influential criminal among the criminal world. Now he exploits them in his dirty deeds, so that they will atone for their wrongdoing.

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