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CBS canceled Under the Dome after Season 3


CBS has decided not to renew the summer drama "Under the Dome". Based on the Stephen King novel, the series, based on the Stephen King novel, was canceled after season three, according to Thr Hollywood Reporter.

The network announced that the season three finale, which will air on September 10, 2015, will answer questions about a mysterious dome that cut off the residents of a small town in Maine from the rest of the world.

The premiere of the first season of "Under the Dome" in summer 2013 got off to a good start and set a rating record for the number of deferred views. 13.5 million TV viewers, of which 3.3 million belonged to the core group between 18 and 49, proved that summer can be a good start for strong screenplay dramas. In the wake of the popularity of the series CBS was awarded a lucrative contract with Amazon Prime to air the show on video after the CBS broadcast. The channel's other two summer dramas are – "Outside" and "Zoo" are also subject to agreements with Amazon and Netflix.

However, at the time of this writing, the number of pending views has dropped by 80 percent, and the audience of interest to advertisers is only 1.8 million people ... However, the show is CBS's second-rated summer 2015 show, behind Fox's first "The Pines".

Earlier this summer, executive producer Neil Baer was optimistic about the future: We intend to tell a compelling story every summer for as long as our viewers want it. "

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Author: Jake Pinkman