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What to see during the summer anime season?


A new summer anime season will begin in early July. It is too early to sum up the results of the spring season, but nobody forbids looking into the future. There are quite a few good titles coming out this summer. Therefore, today we will tell you about the new anime of summer 2019, which we consider must-see in the summer anime season.


BEM is a reboot of the coolest anime straight from the 60s. It talks about three youkai monsters in human form: Bam, who looks like a gangster, Belo, who looks like a boy, and the witch Bela. They all fight for justice and protect people, hoping to become human one day as well.

Good classic and dark stories are always held in high esteem, in addition, returning to the origins always warms the soul. Add some good new animation here and you have a great show that will definitely delight us.

When? July 8

Kachok wakaki nobunaga

This anime will tell about the adventures of the young Oda Nabunaga, a famous military and political figure in Japanese history. Of course, historicism and realism in this picture will be in the background, and in the first - the characters ala bisonen. However, we have hopes that the anime will be a good action movie about samurai.

First of all, the plot of the series will focus on the rivalry between young Oda and his brother Noriyuki. The creators promise us a bold approach. Well, let's see how daring he is with the name "Beautiful Butterfly" .

When? July 8

Uchi no Ko no Tame Naraba Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru Kamo Shirenai

Ummm, great name, downright students need to memorize instead of tongue twisters in class. In fact, the phenomenon of this anime is not in its name, but in the fact that it is a fantasy, but don't be ridiculous! Hurray!

In the story, a young adventurer takes care of a little girl with devil horns on her head. Despite the fact that he does not know the origin of the child, whom he found in the forest and decided to save, he still gives her the warmth of the family hearth. All in all, it will be a cute adventure with a family value moral. Pretty good tube story for a few nights in my opinion.

When? July 4th


According to the synopsis, an unknown catastrophe has occurred in the world. There was a big explosion, turning all people into stone statues and a new, attention, stone age began [boo-dum shh]!

Several thousand years later, a high school student named Taiju wakes up in this stone garden the size of an entire planet and tries to understand what happened. However, he was lucky, he was not alone. In the new world, his school friend Seneku also woke up, who has been using science for several months to survive and return everything to its previous state. Together they will try to sort things out with the help of the "magic of science." Bring people back to life. Make them, so to speak, attention, softer [boo-dum shh]! Well, or at least give impetus to the creation of a new civilization.

When? July, no exact date yet

Cop Craft

Honestly, the name is dumber. Sounds like this is a shitty browser game for school kids. But the concept is pretty good, and the synopsis is similar to a drop from the Witcher universe. In the middle of the ocean, a portal has opened to a world of magic. It is inhabited by fairies, monsters and other magical offspring. At the place where this world and the Earth intersected, a small island called Kaliena was formed.

A city was founded on it, where creatures from our world and the magical live side by side. The realities of such a city are similar to the realities of any metropolis and crime reigns in it. It will be dealt with by a cop from our world, Kei Matoba, and a girl, the knight of Tamlan. Together they will be partners, working cops in the magic city.

When? July 9


Little is known about this anime yet. From English-language resources, it is clear that once in the world where the series takes place, there was magic, but over time it disappeared. Next, a student from high school Mangetsu meets Shingetsu Ernesta, who recently returned from Germany. From the trailer, we can say that the story contains normal 2D mechs, not sijian ones.

The creator is the studio that released ReZero, so we hope for the best. And the visual style of the trailer looks very cool.

When? July

Try Knights

You can't do without sports anime. This time we have a rugby story. Riku Haruma went to high school. Once he was involved in Rugby, but due to poor physical fitness, he quit this occupation. Everyone in the sport is either faster or stronger than him, and he became depressed about it. One day he saw a guy named Akira Kiriyu with exactly the same physique bypass any strong man in his rugby game thanks to his agility. They begin to communicate and Rick's desire to go back to sports returns. And yes, it will probably be yaoi, but it's not certain.


When? July

Tenki no Ko

This will not be a series, but a film, and a very entertaining one. After a year in high school, Hodaka Morisama gets tired of his surroundings and runs away from home. He ends up on a remote island where it rains constantly. Alas, the life of a bachelor hermit is a little more difficult than he imagined, and taking care of his existence is difficult. As a result, he gets a job as a correspondent in a yellow newspaper, also meets a girl named Hina, who lives with her younger brother. It turns out that Hina has superpowers - she can disperse rain clouds.

When? July 19

Katsute Kami Datta Kemonotachi e

And here is another contender for the title of "best anime of the summer season." At least I think so. The description pompously says that war turns men into beasts, and beasts into gods. And where do they go when the war is finally over? The point is that the military sold their souls in exchange for power to win. After the end of the war, demonic soldiers slowly go mad and lose the last remnants of humanity. The plot is intriguing, and from the trailer, you can tell that the animation is also good, so if everything is done correctly, I am confident in the success of this film.

When? July 1

Kimi to, Nami ni Noretara

And finally, one more full-length movie with a touch of romance. The story follows the relationship between Hinako, who moved to a coastal town after attending university, and Minato, a young firefighter with a strong sense of justice. Hinako loves surfing and the sea. Although she is fearless, she is still unsure of her future. After a fire in the city, Hinako and Minato collide with each other. Since they spend a lot of time together while surfing, Hinako falls in love with Minato. However, an accident occurs and Minato drowns. Heartbroken Hinako constantly cries on the seashore and hums something to herself. One day the ghost of her beloved appears in the waves.

When? June 10, already out

This was our short list of anime to watch in the summer of 2019.

Continued in our next article.


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