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Action 2019: Top 30 Best. Part 2


Militants will help to cheer you up, increase your vitality, and lift your self-esteem by observing and comparing yourself with movie heroes taking revenge and cracking down on villains on the TV screen and just help you have an interesting time. Among the action movies of 2019, there are many high-quality films of this kind, with which we are in a hurry to share with you.

And we will start the second part from the position where we left off last time - from the eleventh place, on which the film masterpiece from Japanese filmmakers is deservedly located ...

11. First Love (Japan, UK) 6.68

In our country, the film came out with a very limited distribution - only about 70 copies, so one of the best action films of 2019 passed by most of our country's film lovers. We will try to fill this gap and convey to those who wish an extended synopsis of this masterpiece.

A picture, of course, cannot be called a model. The plot may seem to some unnecessarily chaotic and chaotic, and Asian faces are similar to each other, but after a while you start to get into the main problem and really root for the main characters, which are the unwillingly prostitute and, concurrently, the drug addict Monica and the beginner boxer Reo, who was recently diagnosed by doctors. Both of them were unwittingly embroiled in a robbery of local drug lords, which was planned and attempted by a local dirty police officer and a member of one of the gangs.

Monica lived in an apartment to which the goods (drugs) were delivered and in which they were packed. The girl fulfilled her father's debt to the owners by selling her body. At one point, a masked bandit burst into the hut and, having shot the courier, grabbed a bag of drugs and dumped, which is why suspicion fell on Monica. The frightened girl ran away from home, and, wandering the streets in withdrawal, accidentally bumped into the boxer Reo, who had just learned about a tumor in his brain. Seeing that the girl is completely inadequate, he decides to look after her. And from now on he will have to look after her until ...

In general, let's not turn the synopsis into a spoiler. Welcome to the world of Japanese action movies and enjoy watching!

12. Brotherhood (USA) 6.66

The next action movie of 2019 is from the category of domestic ones. The year is 1988. The withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan is approaching. And while the rest of the units withdrew from their positions more or less easily, the 108th motorized rifle division faced the last and most difficult test - they will have to withdraw through the Salang pass, which is currently under the control of local mujahideen. p>

While the leadership by various means and methods is trying to negotiate with the militants on the safe escort of the troops, the pilot of the downed plane is captured by the Mujahideen. And this liteha is not simple. He is the son of a division commander general. And now it is not clear what the general will put in the first place - the salvation of his son, or the safe withdrawal of troops from occupied positions.

The film in a particularly realistic manner shows the life of the then contingent of Soviet troops in Afghanistan. How they performed tasks, how they earned "leftists" and "got" souvenirs, how they welded on everything and how they walked on a razor's edge every day. Not without some idiotic twists and turns like:

- Valek, do you want to eat?

- I can't, I'm covering!

- So, I don't understand, are you fucking? Go eat, this is an order!

Who looked, he will understand our prankster. Who has not looked - an incentive to look. Overall, the movie came out pretty good. At the turn of the 90s of the last century, it would generally look like a blockbuster. But today's fastidious public could not rate it more than 6.6.

Thanks for that. Let's move on.

13. Zombieland: Control Shot (USA, Canada) 6.66

For some, the zombie apocalypse is not the end of the world. The next action movie of 2019 is proof of this. Our old acquaintances Tallahasi, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock have a great life in this post-apocalyptic world. They have chosen the White House for themselves and live in it happily.

10 years have passed since the events of the previous film. The life of the four is measured. Everyone does what they want, occasionally distracted by shooting rare zombies and going to the city for food. In his spare minutes, Tallahasi is engaged in creating a killer car - "The Beast" from a powerful sedan, the rest toil about foolishness, until at one fine moment Columbus does not dare to make Wichita an official marriage proposal.

The effect came out unexpected. Tallahasi and Columbus wake up in the morning to find that Wichita and Little Rock have escaped on the Texan's beloved Beast. What to do? We'll have to live on with gritting teeth. Columbus finds a girlfriend and everything seems to settle down when one day Wichita appears and announces that their beloved little girl Little Rock has run away from her with some cute henchman. What to do, they will have to go in search, which will undoubtedly lead them to the new "Zombieland".

Only today's zombies have mutated from sluggish and flimsy corpses into fast, strong and resourceful "T-800" (analogy with the well-known Terminator). And it's not a fact that this time our heroes will be able to fight them off.

14. 21 Bridge (USA) 6.63

Who says that corruption flourishes exclusively in the ranks of the USA Interior Ministry? Does everyone say? Apparently, such films as "Serpico", "Secrets of Los Angeles", "Training Day", "The Departed", etc., did not enlighten anyone. Well then, you can take a look at this action movie of 2019, in which literally the entire police department of New York is corrupt to the very roof.

That is why a person was appointed to the case of the robbery of the drug dealers' warehouse, as a result of which 8 police officers died, who, firstly, would not be "in the subject" due to the flourishing of corruption in "these lands", and secondly, would quickly find and deal with the killers, since he is known as the killer of police killers.

Why do they need a person who first shoots and then thinks? Because caught police killers and drug thieves can tell a lot about local cops. But Andre Davis, this is the name of the detective assigned to this case, for some reason is in no hurry to kill the villains, but, on the contrary, begins to dig too deeply.

Probably the local cops will have to remove him too. Only - the problem. Davis is not killed in any way.

15. Midway (USA, Hong Kong, Canada, China) 6.58

The next 2019 action movie will tell us about how American troops responded to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Someone might say, they say, but what, we don't know, what? They dropped a couple of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and that's all. But at the time in which events are developing, until 1945 and before the final development of the nuclear bomb was still far away. And the Japanese troops attacked the US fleet on the most painful places, threatening to completely leave the great American nation without this very navy.

The treacherous attack on the Pearl Harbor naval base was only the eve of defeat. It was clear to the US military that the Japanese would not let them catch their breath. Anyone in their place would have finished off the enemy until he comes to his senses. And this battle, which was supposed to put the final and fat point on the North American navy, was to be the Battle of Midway Atoll, on one of the islands of which the largest US Navy base was located at that time after Pearl Harbor.

But there were specialists in US intelligence who revealed the future plans of the Japanese. And this time, the command of the Navy decided to rely on the information of their intelligence. Thus, an ambush was urgently organized on the Japanese fleet, which ultimately gave the Americans the opportunity to defeat the invaders in the alignment of forces in favor of the enemy.

In a series of unsuccessful battles for the Japanese, they lost 4 aircraft carriers and about 300 aircraft, after which they retreated with their tail between their legs to their bases, never recovering from such a crushing defeat until the very end of the war.

Filmed in a big way. Not without naive idiocy, but you can take a look, definitely.

16. Triple Border (USA) 6.59

The next action movie of 2019 refutes the myths about the transcendental life of American warriors and veterans of all kinds of military conflicts. Their life is so dumb that some of them are not averse to gathering in a gang and robbing a Colombian drug dealer.

Having penetrated into his lair, they rummaged and dug for a long time, but they could not find money until they tried the strength of the wall. As it turned out, they were jam-packed with bundles of banknotes. As a result, desperate adventurers collected so many bales of dough that the MI-8 helicopter could hardly lift. They grabbed for a long time, to throw off a couple of bales of dough or not, and in the end decided to risk pushing everything. During the flight, the assholes caught their precious cargo on the ridge and ...

In short, I had to walk further.Very dangerous walking.

You know, there is one wonderful anecdote on this topic. Let's give it out in an abbreviated form. Once the moneybags went hunting in the taiga lands by helicopter. They shot the deer, drank, devoured and gathered to fly back. They loaded the deer into the helicopter, but the pilot tells them:

- No, guys, we'll fall on the road, unload a couple of carcasses.

The men opposed, argued with him for a long time, in the end they say:

- You have a few bucks on you, and we're taking everyone!

The helicopter pilot took the money with a sigh, lifted the helicopter, and they flew. Flying over a small hill, the pilot could not raise the car higher, and they fucked in the middle of the taiga.

Hunters, let's howl, like we are now, what. And the pilot says to them:

- Don't hang your nose, guys. I know this place. This is just a couple of kilometers further than where I last fell.

So here. Both laughter and sin.

17. Shaft (USA) 6.46

This 2019 action movie from Netflix Studios is the continuation of the adventures of representatives of the Shaft family tree. The story, which began back in 1971 with the adventures of John Schaft, Sr., played by Richard Rowntree, was continued in 2000, in which Samuel L. Jackson played John Schaft Jr. (the son of John Schaft in 1971).

And now, after another 19 years, an unexpected continuation came out, the main defendant of which is nowJohn Schaft's son of the 2000 modeland, accordingly, the granddaughters of John Schaft of the 1971 model.

The film is interesting because all these Shafts are collected here in one picture. And plus to everything, Shaft's wife of the 2000 model also appears here, who at the turn of the century moved away from him, taking the child with her, so that they would not both be killed next to the irrepressible dad.

And now, many years later, the youngest stuck into the situevina. While working for the FBI as a cybersecurity analyst, he personally decided to investigate the murder of a friend. The police decided to blame everything on suicide, but JJ (Shaft Jr.) knew his friend and was sure that someone had killed his friend for something. But, trying to do everything right and according to the law, he snatched a head of cabbage from the local drug dealers and retreated.

There is only one way out - to ask for help from a tough daddy in these places, once a cop, and now a private detective. And although he does not respect his father's dirty tricks, but now they will come in handy. How useful was the help of the straightforward grandpa Shaft Sr., who is now ready to rush into battle, just show the goal to his father.

It will be interesting. Even those who are not aware of what the previous pictures were about should not be missed. The new concept has nothing to do with them.

18. Three seconds / Informant (UK) 6.39

The next action movie of 2019 will tell about Petit Koslov, an FBI informant who was tightly pinned by the special services for his criminal past. To clear his past and get out from under the hood of the feds, he should put on a wiretap and, accompanying another cargo of drugs, call a local boss named "General" for a revelation.

But things are not going according to plan. The partner decides to turn off and call at a different address in order to meet with another buyer. During the negotiations, Petya guesses that the buyer is an undercover cop and tries in every possible way to let him know with hints that he should withdraw from the deal, thereby trying to save his life. But the reckless partner grabs the gun and ends the cop, as a result of which Petya becomes an accomplice in the murder of a policeman and now gets even deeper into the well-known substance.

The FBIs give him one last chance: he must violate the conditions of parole and go back to jail for five years, in order this time to work from inside the prison, collecting dirt on the General from the local convicts.

But everything goes awry here too. In the end, the agents themselves got bogged down in such adventures that they simply decided to abandon their informant and release everything on the brakes. Now not only the sedentary Petya is at gunpoint, but also his wife and daughter. What will he do in this difficult and almost hopeless situation, when each convict strives to poke him with a sharpener ordered by the boss?

Believe me, he will try to come up with something.

19. Vengeance (UK) 6.33

The next action movie of 2019 on our list in domestic cinemas, likeIp Man 4, did not run at all. But in vain. And he and the other came out better than half of the third-rate inert substance, which is poured out annually on the large screens of our country. Here again the tale is about revenge. And vengeance is cruel and bloody. So, if someone can't stand the sight of skulls flying in different directions from a shotgun shot, it is better to pass by theof this masterpieceside.

The brother of the protagonist Cain Burgess has a great business. For a certain amount, impressive for a common man in the street, or in payment of a small debt, he asks a person to provide him with the service of delivering a package from point "A" to point "B". Somewhere along the way, the brother's man grabs this package from the would-be courier and runs away, after which, during the showdown, it turns out that there was a large sum of money in the package for a day, and the hapless courier now sticks out a tidy sum for his brother.

Once they offered to grab the package from the courier's hands. He snatched the bag from the unsuspecting woman and ran away. But the woman chased after him, and on the road she was hit and killed by a car. Thus, Cain was arrested and imprisoned for manslaughter.

Leaving prison for a while to attend the funeral of his deceased mother, he escapes from the police convoy, and now, hang on, bro! You will have to answer for everything from the reckless Cain, who has matured in mind and body!

20. Polar (Germany, USA) 6.30

The final top twenty action movie of 2019 will reveal the truth that it will not work out of the killers' syndicate as a mafia clan just like that. Maybe not from any, but from this - you definitely will not retire. Rather, you will try, but they will sew you on their own even before they sign your “letter of resignation”.

Ask why? We will answer. A local businessman and also the head of the syndicate with a caricature-pretentious appearance and behavior The Murderer arranged everything in such a way that all the accumulations of killers in the event of their death “at work” go to the syndicate. And every murderer accumulates money on his account. For example, Duncan Weasel, nicknamed "Black Kaiser" (Mads Mikelsen), who will be discussed in the film, has accumulated eight million greens, which the Murderer, who is experiencing financial problems, does not want to part with them.

So he gives a gang of his special killers a task to finish off the poor fellow. Only the Kaiser is not a bastard. He resists very, very much, and when he finds out that his recent girlfriend was kidnapped for the sake of blackmail, he completely goes nuts.

It's time for the Murderer to hide. Death follows him. Only Death sometimes also steps on a crooked rake. And who, I wonder, will turn out to be a crooked rake of the "Black Kaiser" if the Murderous Killer and his killers are not a problem for him?


This will round off. Meet me in Part 3 of our 2019 Top Action Movie list next week. Until then, all the best to you. Visit us more often and, more cool films and TV series for you!

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