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What to see from movies on Saturday night: Three Seconds (2019)


If you can't choose what to watch from the movies on the weekend, stop by us. We always have good advice on this topic. Moreover, we will select the film not hackneyed to holes, but such that the plot is efficient and was not shown in cinemas. And if it was shown, it was in a limited "edition". The film "Three Seconds" is just one of the last.

In USA, it was not shown in all regions and settlements, so many people simply do not know about this masterpiece of British filmmakers.

Some explanations on rental and name

For comparison, the feature film Star Wars: Skywalker. Voskhod ”was rolled with the number of copies - 1540 pcs. And "Three seconds" or, as its name sounds correctly translated from English - "Informant" - in the amount of only 400 copies, that is, almost 4 times less. Therefore, it is no wonder that many have not even heard of this new product, although the rating of KinoPoisk is even higher than that of the final episode of the Star Wars saga.

Why did our translators change their name again? In fact, the decision to rename the film is not made by the translators of the film, but by people who are interested in further promoting this film on the territory of our country, as well as by those who have the rights to films with an identical title. This is often done by agreement between distributors and copyright holders, so that people do not confuse one film with another.

But in this case our distributors just didn't like the name. In their opinion, "Three Seconds" sounds much more attractive for an action movie than "The Informant". For him, in particular, you can come up with a funky description, which for anyone who has watched the film will look stupid, but will interest viewers unfamiliar with the plot of the picture by the fact that there will be snipers in the film.

Let's clarify and try to create a description that is more informative and more truthful.

What is Three Seconds about?

Let's just say that the film is really good, otherwise it would not have entered our30 best action films of 2019,although it can only be called an action movie with a scratch. Rather, it is a crime drama thriller, since only a couple of shots were made in the entire film, but tense moments are always present.

Although, the tape did not get any worse. In the center of the plot is the convict Petya Koslov, taken by the ass, who, in exchange for an early release from the prison, agreed to work for the feds and hand over one of the local leaders of drug traffickers nicknamed "General". When he was released, Petit again joined the gang and had to, having put on a wiretap, come with the goods to the General himself in order to confirm the involvement of this General in the drug trade.

But everything did not go according to plan, and Petya got involved with the situation with the murder of an undercover cop. Now everyone is head over heels, both the FBI, for whom Petya worked, and Petya himself. In theory, if the FBI agents admit the fact that their man was involved in the murder of the policeman, only "their man" will be in trouble, they themselves will get rid of it. But they decided to keep silent about everything, so as not to reveal their informant and not ruin the whole case on which they had been working for so long. On the contrary, by pressing on him, they forced the poor ex-convict to violate parole and go back to the jail, in which he would have to collect evidence for them in a different way.

But a third party intervenes in the case in the form of police detective Greens.


He, investigating the murder of an undercover cop, goes to Petit, but feeling that something is not clean here, he digs further, interfering with the FBI operation. Seeing that everything is getting out of control, the feds abandon their informant, leaving him alone with his problems. Now they are out of business, and have nothing to do with the murder of an undercover policeman.

Now Petit's family, left at liberty, is under threat, just as he himself has to live until the next sharpening in the side.

How he will get out of the situation is unclear. But, very interesting. He, nevertheless, will build a plan in his head. But it won't take him 3 seconds, as indicated in the idiotic synopsis on KinoPoisk.

Pros and cons of the movie

Despite the fact that the film employs a very limited number of actors, the tape does not give the impression of a low-atmospheric. The actors played quite well for themselves. Not to say that the plot of the film "Three Seconds" is very intricate, but this is only a plus for the picture.

Special thanks to the creators for not increasing the timekeeping due to meaningful silences, walking from corner to corner and other flooding burdensomeness. It was this that gave the usual thriller the feeling of an action film, which, in turn, allowed the enticing term "action movie" to be introduced into its description.

And everything was fine until Petit began to implement his overly ambitious and laborious plan to save himself and his family. Not to say that this plan was impracticable in principle, but ...


In general, we didn’t like the way his "execution" was filmed. Although, this opinion is exclusively ours and is unlikely to spoil the reputation of the film in a broad sense.


The film stars such Hollywood stars as Clive Owen (Sin City, Knickerbocker Hospital, Child of Man), Yuel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon, For All Humanity), Common (Hunter Killer "," John Wick 2 "," Night Fugitive ") and Rosamund Pike (" Gone Girl "," Pride and Prejudice ").

For those who are interested in the movie, follow the link below.

Watch the feature film "three seconds" online

Everyone else is advised to follow theCinema 2019tag and view our selections of films from last year. Surely among them there are many worthwhile fresh paintings that you missed for one reason or another. There is a chance to catch up.

Anyway, have a nice weekend, good mood and lots of cool movies and TV shows!

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