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What to see from the movies this weekend: The Phantom Six / Outlaw Six (2019)


Another weekend and another tip on what to watch from the movies. This time, we opted for a Bay Films and Skydance Media production commissioned by the ubiquitous Netflix streaming service. Ryan Reynolds himself starred in the film, filmed and produced personally by Michael Bay. This alone is a reason not to miss this masterpiece.

What is the movie "Six Outlaws"

During the existence of cinematography, a huge number of all kinds of "avengers" have been revealed to the world. They can wield masks or without, they can be loners, they can work in teams, they can be bad guys (girls), and they can turn out to be good, people with superpowers and without, etc.


But one thing remains unchanged in all films of this kind: all the "avengers" in them act bypassing the law, that is, they carry out lynching, which, in principle, is illegal, immoral and therefore very, very interesting.

The film "Six Outlaws" is just from this opera. The only difference is that while in other masterpieces of a similar theme the main characters take revenge on each other, bad people, gangs, mafia clans or drug cartels, here a group of avengers swung at the entire president of a sovereign state.

Even if this country is not big, even if this president is still a bastard, nevertheless, you must agree that this is out of the ordinary! After all, the way these "avengers" act only ... Hmm ... Just the same, the presidents of sovereign states. True, the strongest states.

Where did all the mess come from

One former billionaire, who made a fortune on "spy tricks" for the special services and the defense industry, suddenly at one fine moment decided to take up a just cause. He set out to punish the leader of the state of Turgistan (yes, there is such a thing in this universe) for the fact that he conducts secret terrorist activities.

Someone may ask, they say, where are the superpowers looking? From the words of one of the main characters, it becomes clear that this leader is a direct protege of the United States, and USA is successfully trading in weapons with him. So the superpowers are looking to the side. But our main character, we will call him as in the film - the First, does not want to look aside.

The first fakes his own death and henceforth becomes a ghost, which is now outlawed. He is recruiting six more similar "recruits" to his team, ready to part with real life for the sake of revenge on the bad guys. From now on they have no names. Now they are simply - the Second, the Third, etc. In total, 6 people were recruited by the First, but the Sixth in the process "died on execution", as a result of which there were only six of them left.

The first and the company go to the list of generals - the henchmen of the dictator, whom they set out to "punish" and destroy them in turn, ultimately aiming to remove not only the rotten hangers-on, but also the president himself. Only here's the catch. The place of the previous geek will immediately be taken by another. This is the law of life. Therefore, they are immediately going to shove their protege into the presidency of the head of Turgistan - the brother of the dictator, who, apparently, is much better than his relative.

Only the matter is complicated by the fact that the president keeps his brother under a kind of "house arrest", and in order for everything to go well, first this "brother" should be freed from captivity.

About the pros

The pluses are mainly in the cool staging of fights, chases and shootouts, in general - in the continuous high-quality action, which, as we all know, Michael Bay specializes primarily.


And, of course, in the fact that we can again see on the screen our favorite naughty "Deadpool" - Ryan Reynolds. This means that it will not do without a spark of humor.

About cons

Any connoisseur of quality cinema can see in the film "Six Outlaws" minuses in everything, except for the camera work and the staging of the mentioned chase scenes and hand-to-hand-fire battle scenes. And he will be right. We saw such disadvantages in the picture too.

The script is not that weak, it's just idiotic. As well as the decisions made by the protagonists. Their plans are unnecessarily cumbersome and fancifully naive, the company's actions are sometimes absurdly absurd. And their whole mission is constantly on the verge of failure and depends 100% not on the skill of the team members, but on a lucky chance or coincidence.


The picture is saved by the fact that the general drive of the film simply does not give time to think about the cons. You start thinking about them only after the credits have gone. Yet screen time you will be sitting in front of the TV with your mouth open.


On this, perhaps, we will finish our introductory review, which looks more like a short review. Anyone interested in such "options" as Ryan Reynolds, Michael Bay, a new film with the first and the second shot, or - all together, can go to the following link.

Watch The Phantom Six / Outlaw Six (2019) movie online

And we are saying goodbye until next weekend. We wish you all a pleasant viewing, a great New Year's mood and, as always, more cool films and TV series!

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