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Car Gadgets: Why You Should Look at ORICO Chargers


Owners of modern cars know how congested their on-board electrical networks can be. In addition to traditional consumers in the face of lighting equipment, climate systems, car radios, various radar detectors, navigators, video recorders and much more are added. All of these accessories require their share of the energy from the on-board network, which is already loaded to the limit.

The issue with the presence of USB connectors is especially acute. Many car manufacturers equip some of their models with them, but they are not always enough. Often, budget cars are not equipped with such ports at all. This can be a problem for those who are used to regularly charging their mobile devices and smartphones in the car.

ImageThere is a way out of this situation: use adapters equipped with multiple USB ports. At the input they have a plug for connecting to the cigarette lighter socket, and at the output - from one to several USB ports.


In order to form an opinion about the capabilities of this or that device of this type, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the requirements that apply to its design. Just about the complex

A person who is not entirely versed in the principle of the adapters may decide that there is nothing complicated here. Say, they are needed only to lower the voltage in the on-board network to 5V. For this purpose, the products are equipped with a resistor voltage divider. For many gadgets that receive constant and low charging current, this will be enough.

If you need to use a charger to replenish the lost energy of a device that needs high charging currents (and also to protect it from impulse noise, which is enough in the onboard network), then you cannot do without modern technologies.

In addition, a good adapter must withstand temperature extremes, because heating in its operation is a common thing.

All these nuances are taken into account by ORICO engineers. Their devices are made of impact-resistant plastic, which ensures the normal operation of the product in the range from -40C to +110 C. In addition, all models have several degrees of protection: from voltage surges, short circuits, overheating and overcharging. In addition, they have an efficiency of at least 88%.

Models for every taste

One of the most demanded modifications is UCL-2U-BK. This device is black, with WH at the end, it has a white body. The connectors operate in 12-24 V voltage conditions, each of them outputs a current corresponding to 2.4 A. The total load is within 3.4 A, with a power of 17 W.

The charger is equipped with Super Charge technology, which allows you to independently determine the optimal operating parameters.

Another model - UCF-2U-GD, also has two outputs: USB Type-C, designed for a return current of up to 3 A and USB Type-A - up to 2.4 A. This makes it possible to use one USB Type cable -C - USB Type-A, which is convenient when charging different devices.

UCF-2U-GD is designed for on-board networks of cars with a voltage of 12 V or 24 V. It has a total power of 15.5 W.

The gadget is sold in gold and black cases.


The UCM-2U-SV adapter has two USB Type-A ports. It's not just a charger. Due to its design and heavy weight, it can be used as an impact tool. The body of the product is metal, and the central contact is made of steel. Therefore, the weight here exceeds the analogs several times. While other similar chargers weigh no more than 18-20 scales, the UCM-2U-SV weighs 42 grams.


Even more advanced is the ORICO UCH-4U-WH model, which has four ports as an asset. This allows you to use it to charge multiple devices at once. In this case, each connector outputs 2.4 A, and the total power of the charger is 48 W.

This device is equipped with all types of protection (relevant for each port), but operates in a narrower voltage range: 12-18 V.

The most advanced is the UCP-5P-BK gadget, which has five USB ports and sophisticated electronics. To ensure quality and safe operation, it is divided into two separate devices.

Here, the first received two ports with a total power of 17 watts, it is connected directly to the cigarette lighter socket.


The second is a remote module on a wire with three connectors.

This is convenient, for example, if you want to use the charger for those who are sitting in the back seat of a car. This is true during long trips with a large family or with passengers.

The nuance of the external unit equipment is equipping one of its ports with QC3.0 fast charging technology. Additionally, this controller is able to adapt to the parameters of the device being charged, changing the voltage in 0.2 V increments. This prevents overheating of both devices and helps to increase the battery life.

Fast Charging is capable of charging a smartphone with a 3600 mAh battery at a rate of 1% per minute.


All of the above-described ORICO models are distinguished by manufacturability and simplicity of design. They do not require adjustment, you just need to insert the adapter into the cigarette lighter socket. The user only needs to select the desired model and decide on its color.

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